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Thread: Font Size Question

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    Font Size Question

    Is it possible to increase the font size without decreasing the resolution? I like the way the games looks at 1600X900, but it is difficult to read some of the text.
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    Not on 100%, as many texts are displayed on fixed positions with expected font size. Fonts are also complex to made and I doubt anyone will invest time into making a new font (surely no one at the team will do that).

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    ok, thanks.

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    Well, I can read all the texts just fine, maybe you need glasses?

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    Font size is the only reason I don't play with higher resolutions, actually. I can read the texts but I don't like tiring myself to do it, it's not worth it for me.

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    Same for me. Perhaps there will be an option for a larger font size in forthcoming Paradox games, especially as resolutions get higher and higher.

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