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Thread: Editing Saves

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    Editing Saves

    So the solution to a lot of problems found in EU3 is to edit savefiles.
    As a relative noob to modding, how do I do it? Do I open up the save in notepad and just edit some values?

    Much obliged

    EDIT: Stupid thread is stupid. I figured out how to open the file, but is it possible to change difficulty, and how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retrograde View Post
    EDIT: Stupid thread is stupid. I figured out how to open the file, but is it possible to change difficulty, and how?
    It is. I assume it's one of the numbers in the "setgameplayoptions" block, but I don't know which one.

    I suggest starting a new game at each difficulty, with all other settings the same, saving and quitting, and comparing the files. (Don't worry, the relevant part is right at the start of the file )
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