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Thread: A Corsair Clan Quest Problem

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    A Corsair Clan Quest Problem

    Hi Guys,
    I have a problem with the "Steal the Luxury Ship from Port Cancun" quest. I go to the island, clear the way with my troops to the upper side of it where the ship is, but when i step into the green circle where the quest marker is nothing happens. I reloaded the game a couple of times and even tried pressing the lower left boat icon (but my guys start walking toward my own ship as they usually do). Let me know if I'm doing something wrong.
    So that's my problem, haven't had others up until now. Keep up the good work guys, the game's nice and addictive and since the two patches came out, it stopped crashing every 4 minutes. Thanks for your time.

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    Stand in the circle and click the big ship offshore and wait for the bar to creep along

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    I did a mission where I had to steal some corsair ships on Surprise Island (I think that was the name) and the principle was the same - I stay in the circle until the bar fills up, but problem in this mission is that the bar doesn't even appear (I tried even clicking the ship, but it's untargetable ). I guess it's just a bug and I'll have to wait for a patch or fix or something. Thanks for the response anyway.

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    We'll look into this. Just to make sure: did you have your main character inside the marked area?

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    Yes, everyone were in the circle. I've even tried with him alone in the circle.

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    I am having the same problem on this quest, I saw a Blue bar once saying capturing ship, but I clicked the return to my boat and it stopped and cannot get it to do it again will try the first option that was given in thread.

    Edit: Tried above solution about clicking on ship while in circle and that does nothing.

    P.S. Why is there a badge for 15 badges and character only shows 13?
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    Fixes for this mission have been made in the patches and the ship capture now continues normally after leaving the green circle and returning
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