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Thread: Power of Offer Vassalization

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panopticon View Post
    EDIT: I assume the bonus from SoI is moddable? And that in the next patch PI should remove/severly nerf the diplomatic bonus.
    Yes, it's set in static_modifiers.txt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panopticon View Post
    Hold your mouse over the diplomatic skill of your ruler and it will tell you everything about it. Most of the numbers you see in the game work that way. Just hold the mouse over it and you get a breakdown of everything. Great way of learning what does what.
    I want to know my diplomacy level, not my ruler diplomacy level or effects from it. For example I have +2 diplo advisor and rules with 7 diplo, so I have 9 diplo and where I can check it?

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    Exactly the place he told you to, mouse over your ruler's diplomatic skill. Effects from SoI, that one HRE reform and such are listed there too.

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    The hard limit on the size of a country which can be dipvassalized is one of wealth, not provinces. A dirt-poor country of five or even six provinces can be dipvassalized, but a very wealthy OPM cannot.

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