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Thread: Demo fullscreen runs in second monitor

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    Demo fullscreen runs in second monitor

    I have two monitors and when I run the PoBC demo in full screen it chooses to do so on my secondary monitor and not the main monitor like all the rest of the games I've played...

    Not a big deal, but still annoying and hopefully you can get it sorted

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    Same issue here. Couldnt figure out why the game wasnt working till I fired up my other monitors and saw it running on my second screen.

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    same here

    seems windowed mode, gets around this issue. but i am stuck at the portait orientation of my second monitor.

    1st monitor = 1920x1200
    2nd monitor = 1200x1600 (its flipped 90 degrees)

    so i cant even play this game without straining my eyes, everything is so stretched, the text is impossible to read. my only resolutions to pick from are 1024x1280 (and higher) this doesnt even fit vertically on my first monitor in windowed mode.

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    This issue has been fixed in the full game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    The updated version of the demo includes the fix for this issue as well.
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