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Thread: Still waiting for the 1.07 patch to arrive on GG :(

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    Finally recieved a Steam version for my Gamersgate collectors edition - hope the rest of you are sorted too!

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    I was just about to send a scathingly worded letter to Paradox and decided to check my Gamersgate account one more time. My code was there.... Downloading now.

    Best regards,

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    Same, was getting ready to send a mail and BOOM.

    Thank you Paradox. It took awhile, but you came through on your promise.

    Any further results for you Impulse people? I suspect they don't even utilize Steam codes in their system since it's a competitor, but who knows - Gamersgate does.

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    Just checked my GG account and lo, and behold!

    Thanks for doing the right thing, I'm downloading the updates right now.

    I was planning on starting a new Third Age:TW game this evening, but I'm going to give KA a spin instead.

    Good gaming to the rest of you lads, and echoing Nefaro, hope that you Impulse lads all get sorted out.

    Happy trails.

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    Well that teaches me not to buy things on Steam originally - I bought mine on Shopto.net - the full collection - but stuck without updates. Poor show!

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    Anything regarding Impulse/Gamestop? I've still no sign of a Steam CD Key,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattias Lilja View Post

    Due to a number of technical issues (some of you have experienced them first hand), we have decided that moving forward, King Arthur will only be patched via Steam. I realize this might not be ideal for many of you but we are hoping that by offering all existing customers their own copy of King Arthur on Steam, we will lessen the inconvenience somewhat. Any DLCs you own will of course also be made available to you in the same manner.

    We will keep you posted on the progress and when the portals have made the switch to the Steam version.

    So, let me get this straight. I buy a game from GG specifically because it states it's malware (=Steam or any other DRM) free and obviously expect same support as any other version of the game is receiving. You decide you can't provide support for my game version and the solution is to offer me Malware infected version I was specifically trying to avoid? If I had the funds, strenght and time to fight this in court I would as it creates dangerous precedent according to which devs/publishers can unilaterally deny or restrict access to product I bought or to support I'm eligible to. At least I can sell/trade away the malware infested crap to someone who doesn't care about it and recoup some of my loses and I still have the malware free installer backed up in my external so if I ever want to play it again, despite bugs, I still can (the benefit of malware free games).

    End result is that I'm never going to buy another game developed by NeoCore Games ever again (they're not the first as any dev who does not provide Steamworks alternative of their games loses me as customer, Valve themselves being first to do so) and should this repeat with any Paradox published title I own (I own quite few, multiple copies even), they'll forever lose me as customer as I can no longer trust you to provide what they promissed.

    This is just one more example why any and all DRM should be declared illegal under international law. If it was, this would never had happened.

    How long do I have to download and backup King Arthur: Fallen Champions before Paradox/NeoCore STEAL that from me too?
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    So, anything for Impulse (now Gamestop) yet? Or will we never get that patch? I don't understand that this is how customers are treated.

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    So, are Impulse(Gamestop) customers ever going to get the latest patch?

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    Looks like this is never going to happen - no update and no key for Steam! So unhappy.

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