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Thread: The Beginner's Guide to Hearts of Iron: TCG

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    What's the deal with P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustang? They have same stats but one is rare and one is uncommon?

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    only to allow 10 of these kind of planes into a deck.

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    While you can have 10, it's not very practical. It's nice to have 7 or so, however.

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    I printed it out - I highlight in yellow, green and pink different rules - I always hold it handy when I play

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    I was wondering... With the recent expansion of the game, did something change about the strenghts and weaknesses of the different factions? There seems to be some discussion about this, for instance the Strategic Bombing doctrine now seems quite powerful...

    Moreover, is the Comintern still the best option for a beginner, or is using infantry now harder, due to trenches? Well, actually I don't know the game really well, I'm still trying to learn it, I was just wondering if what is stated about factions is still valid...

    Thanks for the guide anyways! Quite helpful...
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    I think it should be added to first post a tip about the importance of doctrines, that it should be the first thing to look at on a game and that you always have to have them in mind. You can't do anything not through them and that must be the key aspect of the game that differentiate this from other TCG. Knowing that and the importance of infantry is the greatest gameplay help a newcommer can have.

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