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Thread: Warband/With Fire & Sword Problem

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    Warband/With Fire & Sword Problem


    I have a problem with Warband and with With Fire And Sword. This is the same problem : the game crashes with a Windows message like " Mount And Blade Warband ( or With Fire And Sword ) has stopped Working ". The problem doesn't happen when starting the game like other users, my game crashes randomly on the map or in a battle... I didn't found a solution on the forums so I decided to submit my problem in that thread.

    My Computer :

    Windows 7 64 bits
    NVidia GTX 260
    Intel Core i5 750
    4GB RAM

    I have the games on Steam

    Thank you for your future answers,

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    There have been regular problems with the steam version about achievements causing crashes - this would mean things that killing an enemy with a strike to the head (earning an achievement) would crash the game.

    The solution / method to test that is to either start the game in cheat mode (which will turn off achievements) or try installing the game without steam. ( )
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