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Thread: FTM HOI3 From manual control to ai army control

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    FTM HOI3 From manual control to ai army control

    I have recently bought FTM. I have been playing HOI3 off and on for the last year. I have alway done army as manual command. I feel bogged down after a while manual contorl all of these units. So i am now trying ai control of them. I do not understand how to use it and it ends up me watching the computer play against it self. Is there any way i can do army manueroves with ai control? I am looking for any input with dealing with this system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King171717 View Post
    Is there any way i can do army manueroves with ai control?
    Well, I don't have FtM just yet, but I find the AI quite useful at the army level.

    Like you, I don't want to micro-manage every thing, while still having some control of what's happening. With Army AI (and small, 8-16 division armies rather than the 25 division monsters that some advocate) and manual control of most air assets I find that I get just that.

    Just conducted the German invasion of Poland (with the HPP mod, but it doesn’t really matter). I concentrated my armour in two armies, had them on blitzing stance and gave them objectives first west/southwest of Warsaw and then east/south east of the same city. My infantry armies were more cautiously ordered to attack various other places in Poland.

    Thus, I managed to cut of and surround first western Poland and then Warsaw. Went rather well.

    In the mean time, my AI controlled western theatre went haywire when the war stared and begun redeploying divisions for the southern parts of the border to France. Grr ... But I transferred armies from Poland to the west and soon enough I had a rather nice number of French divisions surrounded in Austria. Heh, Fall Gelb tomorrow is going to be easy.

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    all the basic info in here concerning armies and strategies should still apply overall in FtM:

    Germany Tutorial, Take Two: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...2#post13243122 or find it in the Major Threads sticky.
    Tutorial AAR in pdf form available on Gamefront, courtesy of Davy: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7H...it?usp=sharing
    Honoured by USKnight for the above tutorial here: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...1#post14404907
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