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Thread: Game Registration Key FAQ? Look here.

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    Game Registration Key FAQ? Look here.

    TL;DR: If the below doesn't help, log a ticket with . Be prepared to submit proof of purchase if required.

    Why register games on this site?
    • You gain access to the FAQ, User Modifications, Technical Support and Bug Reports sub-forums of the game you register (only). You will not receive any support on the forum unless you register!
    • You get a shiny new icon

    Missing Key
    Keys are provided by your retailer (eg Steam, Amazon, GamersGate), please contact them for keys. Paradox do not directly distribute keys.

    Which Key Do I Use?
    The Steam Activation Key (that is, the code that you buy from a non-Steam vendor and redeem on Steam to get access to a game) is of no use in registering your game here, it is nothing to do with Paradox. Once you have activated the game on Steam and run it once, a menu item will appear there "View CD Key". That is the forum activation key you use to register the game here.

    Invalid Key
    Are you sure you are entering it in the right game's field in MyGames? Between all expansions and editions, it can be quite confusing - for example an EU3:Complete code will only work in the exact EU3:Complete game's entry field, not in the one for EU3 or EU3 Chronicles. Similarly with almost all base games, expansions, and collections - generally each one has its own separate field for key entry.

    EU4 has three separate fields in MyGames:
    - EUIV: Call to Arms event
    - Europa Universalis IV
    - Europa Universalis IV: Pre-order

    The first of these has a separate key you should have received by email with any other CtA bonuses you earned for the pre-release promotional activities. If you did not earn that bonus at the time there is no way to get it now.

    The other two were intended to give a special forum icon to those who pre-ordered. However there turns out to be no way to differentiate the keys given out to those who pre-ordered and those who didn't. So only those who registered before game release get the Pre-order icon, everyone else gets the standard one.

    If you still can't get it to work, please submit a ticket at and include your key as well as what EXACT game(s) you have (a surprisingly large number of players forget this rather vital piece of information) and where you bought/downloaded it from.

    You should also check and re-check that you are typing the key in 100% correctly, and are not confusing 0/O or I/l/1 for instance. Pasting the key in from your clipboard is best of course.

    Transferring game keys after registration here
    Registering a game here is effectively permanent. The game registration process is something of a kludge in the forum vBulletin software and Paradox have no ability to:
    - de-register a game
    - extract a game key from the forum registration
    - move a registration to another forum ID
    - merge forum IDs. Remember that having more than one ID here is against forum rules; if you forget your login details here contact with as much detail as you can.

    Second-hand games: as mentioned above Paradox have no way to transfer a game's registration to another ID here, so if you buy a game that the vendor has already registered here, there is no way to remedy that. Replacement keys will only be considered for new game purchases.

    Europa Universalis III
    Europa Universalis 3 has three separate editions that count as the "base game": EU3 itself, EU3:Complete (EU3+NA+IN) and EU3 Chronicles (EU3+NA+IN+HttT+DW), and ONLY those "base game" registrations count for access to the restricted EU3 forums such as Tech Support, Bug Reports, FAQ and MP. Any expansions you have separate to your base game should be registered too, apart from anything else it helps other posters comment more knowledgeably on any posts you make. And finally, a registration of DW or Chronicles is required for access to the EU3 MP Metaserver.

    There is a known issue with some of the older EU3:Complete codes that Steam issued (basically ones that start with COMS), there is a sticky thread in the EU3 main forum that tells you what to do about that. To add to the confusion, when Steam sell EU3 Chronicles they give out three codes instead of one: one each for EU3:Complete, HttT and DW so those codes will need to be entered separately in the respective game's entry field, none will work in the EU3 Chronicles field.

    Supreme Ruler 2020
    Try both the regular and the 2020 gold slot. If your key is less than 24 characters long, please add SUPR XXX at the start of the key, this should only be needed for the US boxed version of Supreme Ruler 2020.

    MAC version of games
    Paradox does not make the Mac version of any of their games except CK2 and EU4; for those pre-CK2 games you have to contact Virtual Programming for a forum key. This includes games bought from Apple's Mac App store. If you can't get this to work anyway, just submit a ticket here and we'll help you:

    Some Mac games, usually HOI3 and EU3, comes with keys that looks like this, "aaaaa-bbbbb-ccccc-ddddd-eeeee-ffff", they might work if you instead enter the key in groups of four and skip the last five characters; so "aaaaa-bbbbb-ccccc-ddddd-eeeee-ffff" becomes "aaaa-abbb-bbcc-cccd-dddd-eeee".

    Edit: Post updated since we've reworked the registration page.
    Castellon EDIT: To add info on the MAC versions.
    AndrewT EDIT: added specific info about EU3, Macs, CK2
    JoppeBe EDIT: more Mac info!
    AndrewT EDIT: added EU4 content, and "Which key do I use" section.
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    Is there a reason why we can't select to register some of the older "classic" games, like 'King Arthur' (1)?

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    Because they don't have or need keys? That's the case with, say, EU2.
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