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Thread: Rising Nations — Suggestions

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    Socialism is in effect communism.

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    yeah i know,but they never call themselfs communists:

    Union of Soviet SOCIALIST republics
    the east germans called themselfes the German Democratic Republic(even known they were communists)

    The USSR can transform into Russia
    Germany can transform into Socialist Germany ,German empire and Third Reich
    The more nations in RN,the better
    "For those who want to live,let them fight,and for those who don't want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live"

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    Let's all pretend it's Communist Germany and the KDP get into power... Infact that would be pretty good, If hitler wasn't chancellor and hindenburg didn't give him article 48, Then in this way Communist Germany is born.

    But yeah i see what you mean.

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