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Thread: Victoria II Random World Generator!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdeptusM View Post
    this does work with AHD 2.3 right?

    edit- tried but keeps crashing. Now begins the search for why.

    edit 2 - game loads 1/3 of attempts and map comes up blank.
    No, OP said it does not work with AHD

    Anyway, I am having a problem when I select a nation, the game crashes when it gets to "Adapting History" Also, all of the countries' flags are black.

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    At the risk of sounding dumb...

    I have installed A House Divided. But there are two .exe choices:
    v2game.exe with the AHD icon
    victoria2.exe with the original Vicky2 icon

    Should this mod work with the victoria2.exe icon? Or do I need to reinstall from scratch, without AHD?

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    I have a problem installing...
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    does it work with python 3?
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    No AHD support? D:
    Are you planning to do it?

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    Running into problems trying to use this with a PDM installation. I follow the PDM directions and get the correct checksum and the game runs fine. But when after applying this mod and running the generator (no changes to settings), I always get a crash at the same point where you've picked your country and it says "Adapting history." I've done re-installs from scratch, but it always fails the same way.

    However, this mod runs fine for me without the PDM installation.

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    Generates map, selected country, CTD when clicking "Play"

    OK, I hadn't patched yet, but you can't patch two copies of the game on the same machine. I was hoping to preserve the original for another mod, but apparently you can't run this mod without the patch. Decisions....
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    When it generates quad 23 it crashes. I've tried multiple random seeds, same result.


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    Herrroooo..... just stumbled on this gem.

    I was a big fan of the Random Hearts of Iron map generator so of course i was filled with joy when i saw this thread :-).

    Now i got some problems i hope some of u can help me with. I ran the random map generator 5 times and 4 of those crashed after hitting play, only 1 went to the actual game - map. But the GUI was borked and everytime i clicked something, the game owuld crash.

    My setup is as follows>

    installed V2,
    installed 1.4 beta patch
    installed PDM for 1.4 beta
    installed this generator
    generated map
    play game.

    Should it work with this set up?

    Thanks :-)

    *edit .. maybe only some of the seeds work? Can someone provide a seed that works for them?

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    welp i just did a clean install again .... this time:

    1.3 patch
    pdm for 1.3

    basically... i dont get crashes on loads anymore.. but when ingame the GUI seems normal at first but then quicklz deteriorates to a bunch of invisible shapes when i start moving around and clicking things and it doesnt properly display basically.. then shortly later (like few min game time) game crashes.

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    PLEASE make it work with AHD.
    Could you also make a seperate random name generator using the same code as in the mod?
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    I Cant load flags

    every time i load this it stops on loading flags is it just me doing something wrong if so how do i fix it? I really want to play this as it looks amazing and fair.

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    Is it by any chance usable with this random map generator for EU3?

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    I love this Mod!

    though, I do find that if I switch countries that I'm playing when loading a saved game, or if I change too many parameters in the settings file(especially the # of cultures setting) when generating a new world it does crash alot.

    so I suggest not to go over board when altering the settings file, and expect Generator to take a few tries before it successfully created a new world. make sure you see the "thank you" message at the end when Generator finishes to make sure you've got a real world made that wont crash as soon as you load or in the "adapting history" part of the load up.

    Anyway. wonderful Mod. Now I want to make a new game map for a totally new exp to go a long with all the new countries.
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    Just gave this a try... and a few things are going wrong...
    firstly, when I try it on a Victoria II non-patched copy, the script works and it does generate the random map, just no textures...
    Secondly, when I tried patching it to 1.3, the script works but the game crashes at certain points...

    Here is a screenshot for the (firstly) issue
    v2game 2012-12-13 09-46-12-98.jpg

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    I wish someone else would update this.

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    Is there a reason why it can't be updated to House Divided or is it just because everyone is lazy?

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    or it's because the developer is/has been very busy? <- I'm guessing that...

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    Is there any way to disable AHD if you have V2/AHD on steam? I really, really want to try this but doesn't seem possible

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    omgggggg pleeeasse update to AHD :-)

    long time love will be had

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