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Thread: EIC--Version, Updates, Checksum?

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    EIC--Version, Updates, Checksum?

    I just installed EIC on my computer and did the update that the installation permitted. Unfortunately, I forget what that update/patch was numbered. When I run the game, unlike most Paradox games, there appears to be no number on the introductory screens indicating the version or a checksum. I get nothing when I hit the check for updates in the options. Moreover, when I registered the game, I found that there is something called EIC Collections and something else that I evidently don't have. I take it these were expansions.

    Can anyone tell me how I can tell what version I'm running and if there are any additional patches/updates? Also, what are the Collections and any other additions to the game and where can I get them? Thanks in advance.

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    Okay, I just did the research and found the answers to most of my questions above. I found the download for the Director's Cut and installed it and am now running 1.12. That number does appear in tiny numerals at the top right hand corner of the menu screen, and of course, the intro now says "Director's Cut". Not terribly interested in the game as a naval battle simulator, more as a trading game so I don't really care about Privateer's, Trafalgar, etc.

    A couple of comments. Is one of the game designers French Canadian by any chance? The names used for the commanders when playing France are almost all common Québecois and Acadien names, as opposed to a whole other group of surnames that one might expect to see if French surnames as a whole were used.

    Also, there are quite a few similarities between this game and the old Age of Sail series.

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