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Thread: "You must unlearn what you've learned. Try not! Do... or Do not. There is no try!"

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    "You must unlearn what you've learned. Try not! Do... or Do not. There is no try!"

    pvp review-

    PVP in a nutshell is basicly back to the drawing board, pew pew arcane beams embued with steam and lightning are the main choice for people with no real class. we have seen pew pew ice spam flaming rocks and everything seems deadly.
    well PVP changes it, some of you may have tryed it felt it unbalanced well what would you feel if someone was walking right in to your pewpew death beam of steam and lightining and opened your skull with his sword of justice. You'd feel pissed right? well don't be, thats one of the new features in PVP elemental blocking.

    Blocking elements was only touched on in SP and Co-Op and really didn't give any advantage as most enemeys didn't bombard you with a volly of diffrent magicka and element attacks it was always predictable and now that predictablity is out the window it's time to play mind games.

    Elemental blocking is one of the FIRST ground rules of pvp, you wouldn't go to war without your armor and weapon so why veture out naked? Magicka pvp proves a point but it's not stated in the manual that you must shield yourself as soon as you respawn, this is actualy something players should learn quickly if they are to gain the upper hand. Casting elemental wards is easy, you cast shield followed by the element you need protection against. for instance warding against lighting will help prevent you're instant death if some no-brainer uses the qfqfasa beam on you. casting this ward will take some practice and soon become reflex.

    when you are warded, don't expect your enemy not to use the same tricks, you need to think what element they won't ward against to your advantage. ice earth fire are always fun attacks to counter the anti-pewpew ward. casting a quick earth, fire, shield-embue on your weapon for sneeky quick attacks helps as the attack also
    shields you from some attacks, or if your upping the damage replace earth with ice and add arcane so when it disperses it will detonate also.

    My first PvP battel was kinda intence and i learned the basics of warding quickly and had the advantage of not being a beam n00b to start with, saddly for me i got distracted by IM's on steam and started to lose pace with the rest of the wizards in the match.
    I found everyone learned the basics and some copyed me so i felt the ward spell was obvious enough some smarter players caught on quickly.

    saddly not everything is easy, pvp is taxing and frustrating as your oponents will adapt to your predictable attacks and everyone seems to have their favoret spell to use so it's easy to defend against and counter. you need to relearn and adapt if you're to win matches in magicka. :3
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    I've always used auras, so wasn't a big change for me. Though not being able to heal shields is a bit of a downer.
    also I wonder about the value of the ice and rock shields, I can see where they would be useful but to sacrifice a good aura for them? not too sure at the moment.

    I will have to play some more to get some good tactics going, but generally auras ftw.

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    I've been using auras from very beginning and especially in co-op. Got sick of people trying to extinguish flames and making me wet or setting me on fire when I was wet. Thanks guys... damn helpful. :3

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    I find the new Rock and Ice armors more useful in PvE really, since most of the enemies use physical. In PvP you can use a Light Rock Armor with immunity (the "D-R-E-S" is pretty darn good :P)
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