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Thread: Dark Continent (Miscmods) revisited

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    Dark Continent (Miscmods) revisited

    So I'm doing a slight rewrite of dark continent, based on Karhukynsi's excellent miscmods (v 7.1). I know the source material, I love the idea, but I can't shake off the feeling that the end result was massively unrealistic space-filling empires.

    For now it's being sort of drafted, but the additions are as follows
    - Every inhabited european province gains 1/10 its vanilla starting population as natives, always rounded up. Also reduced populations of coastal med and black sea provinces by half, plus Damascus, Cairo and Bagdad. Inland middle eastern provinces also take a slight hit (20%).
    - Peasant Republic, and Tribal Confederacy as a non-horde government for east coast natives, Arawak and Pueblo (I keep Sioux, Navajo and Carib as hordes)
    - Cultural revisions - added 8 culture groups (all in Africa and America) and about 50 cultures (also removed 5), just because - most have tags
    - Added judaism, odinism, romuva, alevism, will probably add unitarianism, coptic, jainism, and split buddhism in two or three; revised decisions, gave a "religious prestige" thing akin to gilded icons/diwani/way of tea to each (effects vary)
    - Every european ethnic group gets at least one survivor nation, plus one muslim nation and one pagan nation for some.
    - More daimyo, more indonesian minors, a few more native and african minors, I also broke up mamelukes and morocco. Full list below
    * European countries added, by group
    Basque - Navarra
    French - Al-Burghund (shia), France (cathar)
    Italian - Emirate of Sicily, Republic of Florence (cathar), Venetian league (alliance of Venice, Verona-Brescia, Mantua, "Pope-Patriarch of Aquilea"), Milan
    South Slavic - Montenegro, Albania, Moldova (both technically moved to Byz)
    West Slavic - Bohemia (cut down), Mazovia (muslim Poland)
    Baltic - Kurland (Pagan)
    Germanic - Teutons (in Osel), Flanders (cathar)
    Scandinavian - Gotland
    Celtic - Munster (sunni), Leinster, Ulster (druidic), Connaught, Cornwall, Gwynedd (pagan)
    British - Northumberland, Al-Kant (sufi)
    Byzantine - Corfu (catholic), Emirate of Morea (sunni, based off Naxos)
    Spanish - Portugal (limited to Lisbon)
    East Slavic - Muscovy
    * American
    South America - Guarani, Mapuche, Tupi, Chibcha, Guajiro
    Mesoamerica - Cuzcatlan, Tzintzuntzan, Miskito
    North America - Salish, Tsimshian, Chumash, Powhatan, Lenape, Micmac, Hochelaga, Caddo, Tuscarora, Choctaw, Monacan, Crow
    * African
    Fulani, Igbo, Dahomey, Kru, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Herero, Sukuma, Fang
    * Split from Egypt and Morocco
    Egypt: Damascus, Aleppo, Druze Emirate, Nuer, Azande, Fur
    Morocco: Fez, Marrakech
    * Indonesia
    Tondo, Java, Ternate, Tidore, Buru, Sulu, Cebu, Sunda, Manilla, Maguindanao, Butuan, Bima
    * Japan - still to figure out in such a way that it doesn't turn into an Ainu rampage
    - I moved a lot of things in the americas, especially the plains natives, I also removed inca, instead adding the kingdom of Cuzco, an Aimara state, and a unification event (with INC as unifier tag for the andean culture group) - I'll probably make that 8 Quechua and 3-4 Aimara minors.

    Will post result once I'm through with the lot.

    My initial tests with european survivors is that a) they get outcolonized by the muslims and b) they spend more time killing each other than colonizing. Which more or less "according to plan."
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    sounds awesome if you could balance it correctly. However, perhaps you could get some help from the guy on this forum who represents the miscmods.

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    I dont think that Catharism, nor the whole reformation itself, would exist in a TL like this. I would suggest to just make them Catholic, as the Christians should be united to stand a change against the Muslims. But I like the idea of this, especially the extra religions. I would love to see a Jewish or Bhuddist country in Europe.
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    Couple of suggestions:
    1) Trade hubs like Lisbon would actually have been affected worse than rural provinces because they would have a high throughput of people coming from around Europe. It's actually more likely that cases like Portugal would survive in the Algarve or a less significant centre.
    2) Maybe you could base this off Danubian_Cossack's MPM mod, which had a beautiful map that I can't bear not to play on. I'm sure he would let you use it with credit.
    3) In terms of colonisation, it would be nice if you have some event that removes population from the colonising country upon a successful colony, that way it would help prevent unrealistic population increases.
    4) You may want to write in a province modifier that dents population growth, it's unlikely to be as high as in a functioning medieval Europe.

    Really looking forwards to seeing this, if you need any help on anything hit me up.

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    And for the map I would say DAO.
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