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Thread: how do you combine brigades into divisions??

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    how do you combine brigades into divisions??

    im new to this complex game, and so i decided to start with germany in 1936. the time has come to begin combat, and i have been splitting divisions, but im unable to combine them again. i was wondering if i missed a small icon, but i cannot see in the manual (or other reading matter) where this is possible.
    i'd appreciate some help if possible.

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    put them into one province select them and click the -><- button.

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    You need them in same province then you drag box around them there will appear stats of units you selected in upper right corner is Image like this -)(- press it

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    thanks for the speedy reply

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    You may notice that you cannot merge HQ brigades with other brigade types. If you wish to add brigades to defend the HQ, you can use the "reorganize" button add any brigades you want to the now HQ division.

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    To reorganise (move brigades between divisions or away from an existing division), use the button next to the merge button or press "r" (case sensetive). If you want to move a brigade away from a division or HQ that only has two brigades, you need to remove the leader first. These actions (excluding the key command) will not work if a brigade is disrupted by recent combat or strategic movement (has a red cross against it). All commands are a bit strange with DI:G elete units (it seems merge is the only option).

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    Also there is a limitation of 4 bde [later 5 bde] in a division. If you have 2 div with 4 bde each, you can not reorganize these 2 divisions. Instead you must drop out 1 or more bde from each division and then reorganize them with the now empty slots.

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