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    Dev Mini-Blogs

    For those who don't follow the Paradox Blogs attached to these forums, just a note that I've been using the blog to post some development details this week and will be continuing into coming weeks. Though I may not manage to keep it up to every day I'll be trying to post multiple times per week.

    [Edit: At the suggestion of Paradox, the OP will now be an index to the various blogs. I've linked back to the older ones too. Most recent at the top.]

    Mouse Traps

    Multiple Languages

    Garrisons? What Garrisons?

    An introduction to Proxy Wars

    I'm in the BatteZone

    World Leaders

    The Cities of the World

    Space Race

    The Tech Tree

    Technology for the ages

    Some Equipment work

    Small region looking for a good home

    Populating the World

    Where did I put that document?

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    Link to demo added to OP

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    Supreme Ruler Cold War manual

    To all aspiring world leaders who can take the heat when the Cold War turns hot,
    you can download the Supreme Ruler: Cold War manual here!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SupremeRuler_ColdWar_Manual.pdf‎  
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    Thanks for posting things, been looking for it. It does come with steam, just in the \Steam\steamapps\common\supreme ruler cold war\ Path along with QUICK GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS.pdf, SUPREME RULER COLD WAR SCENARIOS.pdf
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    Thanks for the steam path to manuals dhw - I didnt know the quick guide existed b4. I am used to seeing in-GUI link for game manuals in Steam, but there isnt one for SRCW.

    This thread really should be stickied, with links to manual, quick guide, scenarios in the top post. And maybe links to the video tutorials too? Would save lumpenproletariat like me a lot of time.

    Video Tutorials:
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    Hmmm, the Manual is not available in the GUI link in Steam? That's odd.... though unfortunately we can't fix that from our end, since (interestingly enough) the manual is considered a "marketing asset" and so Paradox have to fix that, not us... hopefully someone at Paradox can take a look at that.

    But until then you can get everything through the direct links.

    -- George / BattleGoat.

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