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Thread: No Salem in the E3 Lineup?

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    No Salem in the E3 Lineup?

    Is the Post for the E3 Lineup final?
    So we dont see any news of Salem at the E3, would be a little disheartening ( read SHATTERED HEARTS

    Any info on this would be highly appreciated.

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    If you are just looking for any kind of info, here is something you might have missed.

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    Thanks for the link but as far as i remember this was postet to the sticky already
    I am more concerned as the game not in the list might be sensing that it is delaying or in a state yet where its not showable ( which it was in the past already ).

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    The online titles are having a limited role at E3. But rest assured that we've got lots of cool stuff planned for the online titles and especially Salem.

    Expect to see lots and lots of concept art in the future.

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    Good to hear Salem is still on track
    Love to see new Concept Art and looking forward to see more ingame footage

    *points on himself* <--- needy little salem fanboy :P

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