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Thread: Migration Games: Stories and Tips

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    Migration Games: Stories and Tips

    I played a Portugal game from the 1399 start and thus far I've colonized most of south America and the Caribbean, i'd like to move my capital to Rio de Janeiro and make a South American superpower nearly or entirely independent of European dependency. However i've run into difficulties, money problems and low population in the colonies, any tips on how to make a functional migration from Europe to the Americas? Particularly with capital shifting, what are the requirements to move it? Thanks in advance!

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    from what i know your capital got to be bordering another nation to move it

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    I think you just need the province to be a core and 1000 gold.

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    To move your capital to another continent it needs to be isolated on your home continent first. The easiest way to do this is move it to a small (one province) island that's considered to be European. After that you'll be able to move it to the South American mainland. What will take you longest are your stability changes as you do this, and you'll need to move your national focus twice IIRC.

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    Does anyone know the point of these restrictions? How come we can just move our capital about willy-nilly?

    Also, could these restrictions be modded out?

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    You can mod away the gold cost and the stab hits, they're in defines.txt, but the other rules are hard coded as far as I can tell.

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    I find the easiest way to isolate Lisbon is to sell its two adjoining provinces to Spain. If relations are good and Spain has a lot of money in the kitty as a result of a war (the AI mints a lot in wartime) you can get 1000+ ducats from them.

    Level 1 military buildings in all your colonial provinces help you to overcome the manpower loss, but don't move until a fairly substantial amount of your colonial provinces are cores, or you will be very short of money.

    The easiest way to move to the New World is to conquer Creek and Shawnee as soon as you get QFTNW, wait 50 years and move. Thanks to the cotton and tobacco provinces you will have more money than you ever did with your capital in Lisbon, and taking down the Aztecs makes you richer still. Almost too easy.
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