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Thread: Majesty Mobile: Hardware keyboard/mouse support

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    Majesty Mobile: Hardware keyboard/mouse support

    So I've got me an Asus Transformer complete with the dock, and have been testing my apps to see how well it works in docked mode (where you have a proper physical keyboard and a trackpad to boot - comlete with a mouse pointer on the screen).

    I'm happy to report that the game atually works surprisingly fine. Good as it is in touch mode, the trackpad is that much more acccurate at selecting things, and especially so when performing a double click. However, there are two minor nits.

    First, entering the player's name (on first start) uses that custom drawn onscreen keyboard, and doesn't respond to hardware keys at all. Would be nice if it did (don't forget backspace and arrows!).

    Second, when using a trackpad, some actions that made sense to require a double tap to confirm no longer do, because there's no risk of hitting a wrong thing due to vastly improved accuracy. Specifically, selecting a building to build, and choosing a location to build. It would be nice if there was an option in settings to disable duble-tap-to-cnfirm for those.

    By the way, this all is useful for more than Transformer - so far as I could tell from readng the descriptions, any Android 3.x tablet will work the same with USB mouse & keyboard attached.

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    Thanks for the post. I am probably the only person in the world that would buy a tablet just for this ability, but I will.

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