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Thread: [Dies Irae: Götterdämmerung] Report thread

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    I am not sure if Vorwarts Panzers and Fransico's armor pics are compatible for
    FTM yet. I wait to hear before i try to install them on FTM/DIG. Again there
    have been no crashes or problems except the Allied AI launching doomed invasions
    into Denmark. 2nd time so far. If its predictable behavior it can be crushed every
    game (1940). Italy with a freaking huge army is swamping the Commonweath in
    N. Africa in March 1941 overrunning the Suez Canal. Subs die alot faster now so
    you need to keep a flow coming to fill the gaps. Nice to see alot of the details
    over the Vanilla surface. Great so far!

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    What about wargoals and surrender events? Do you get all the historical countries right? (Poland divided, denmark surrender + greenland to US, Vichy France, Belgium and Holand in exile etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreadCom View Post
    I installed FTM and applied the 2.04 Alpha patch, but everytime I select DIG in the list and start the game it loads untill creating rivers and then the games freezes and returns to my desktop.

    what can I do?
    do you have FTM ob news patch level 3.04?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorycaesar View Post
    On Steam there isn't screen in which i can select mod. The game starts automatically. And in my installaction, game starts immediately on FTM

    How i can start SF + stable DI:G, whitout FTM?
    you need a seperate install with DF + DI:G and fpr Steam you need to start the hoi3.exe from the folder as otherwise you dont get the mod selction option

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    Poland surrendered and was divided with the German/Soviet Pact signed. Denmark
    surrendered. I did not see the Dutch or Belgium surrender event but i may have just
    missed seeing it. UK seized Iceland and was overrunning it. Just got into the invasion
    of Russia but i massivly underbuilt the German Army (MP was alot larger than i expected
    so i build fewer divisions early on, big mistake!! LOL!). All seems to move quite smoothly
    and its nice to see SP AAA, Assault guns, and Flak 88s. Just looking forward to the VP
    mod with the Francisco pic mod as well for this. I did see Op. Conrad (I believe) an invasion
    of French N. Africa in 1941 which seemed odd as i did not see any Brit troops and the US is
    not in the war so Vichy joined the Axis. Perhaps that is a error i will look into more and get
    back to you. Italy is perhaps overpowered and there should be a possibility that the USSR
    will not mobilized prior to being attacked as Stalin was worried about provoking Germany and
    forbid any aggressive actions and this should be taken into account giving the Germans an
    extra UMPH in hitting the Russians first off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticpanzers View Post
    there should be a possibility that the USSR
    will not mobilized prior to being attacked as Stalin was worried about provoking Germany and
    forbid any aggressive actions and this should be taken into account giving the Germans an
    extra UMPH in hitting the Russians first off.
    Aye, I am about to start Barbarossa today in my Semper Fi DI:G game, and I too was worried when I saw that Stalin mobilized in March 1941
    What does this button do? - a Semper Fi gameplay AAR (Germany, 1936) - World War II accidentally started on June 1, 1938 (dead)
    Turning Point: STALINGRAD - a 1942 campaign gameplay AAR here - the war begins on page 13! (dead)
    A World in Flames - an international DDA 1.1 1936 AAR Index in the first post (dead)

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticpanzers View Post
    Italy is perhaps overpowered...
    In vanilla FtM Italy starts at war with Eithiopia and as a result has Service by Requirement and Total Economic Mobilization. In my testing experience it does not loose those laws when Eithiopia is defeated. My HOI2 memories tell me that once Eithiopia was defeated Italy had to lower its Laws (which led to a gamey tactic of not making peace with Eithiopia). Perhaps a decision or two could be built in to change Italy back to some lower level Laws after Eithiopia is taken care of?
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    Hello, my english isnt so well but i will try to explain my problem with the Hoi3 3.04 FtM and dies irea. So i have bought and download the complete game and the dlcs from steam. But ever i tried to start the game with dies irea it loads but theres not the loading screen of dies irea. Its the normal Tank from the old game. And then the game crashed and report:"File exception: Exception in: discfile.cpp, line:431. Description:Could not open file:" Thats the message i get when i try to play for the motherland and dies irae together. But i have played dies irae with the normal sf expansion before i bought FtM so i want to know what i can do against that.
    I have deinstalled and new downloaded and reinstalled the game already also i had make copies and tried it with manuel patches of 3.04 because i had thinked maybe its because of the patch. And i have already tried it with the 2.04 dies irae alpha which i downloaded from the third post of this thread. So i dont know what to do now. The message says something about a line maybe in a document that doesnt work or exist maybe thats the mistake so could anyone know where the discfile.cpp is. And maybe could this person upload this data that i can try to fix my game with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadien View Post
    do you have FTM ob news patch level 3.04?
    I figured it out.

    while copying the 2.04 alpah patch files I forgot1 file.

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    More feedback from my 1.03 SF game:
    -The Danish Freikorps is an expeditionary unit from Denmark, why? Yes, they were Danish, but you get the unit after occupying their country..shouldn't the unit simply be a normal German unit? Also, why is Iceland and Greenland occupied by the UK? After Germany dow's Denmark, the Danes are allied with the UK.

    -The Brits don't seem to care enough about Malta and Gibraltar. I've only ever seen one garrison division there, which isn't much. Maybe the fort levels could be increased, since Italy again took Malta? The African campaign has been far improved so far, the balance is very tight. Although I've now committed 10 divisions there, and a breakthrough seems to be finally at hand. One more thing: the UK's "reaction" event to the Afrika Korps fired again in Nov/41, is this intentional? I had taken the decision way before (and the same(?) reaction event fired then as well).

    -Finland has far too little manpower. I began Barbarossa on the historical date, and then Finland had around 15 divisions, of which several were seriously understrength. They had 0 MP left. IRL the Finnish army had around 18 FULL strength divisions at the time, and maybe that not that much "MP" left, but there were still replacements left. I don't know how big losses they suffered during my game's Winter war, but I'm still asking for an increase in Finland's MP.

    -I'll continue whining about my home country's situation . At some point they were embargoed by Italy(??), and I'm 90% certain that Finland was neutral and at peace then. But what's more strange is that after they joined the Axis, they were subsequently embargoed by Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, all part of the Axis too..??

    -The Spanish Blaue-Division is created at 0 experience. I'm under the impression that they were experienced and good fighters (already when created), could their exp be increased? And please change the names of their regiments, from "Inf.-Rgt. XX" or whatever to "Infanterie-Regiment XX"! Same abbreviation is used with the Czech armoured units, at least. Also, could the default names of AA-regiments be changed to Flak-regiments, or something else if that's not the correct German name?

    -Sadly, the USSR is still building rocket test sites, escorts, radars, infra, AA and other pretty much useless stuff. This was the case during my early attack, and seems to be even worse in 1942. And so far (it's about February -42 IIRC) their winter counterattack has been pathetic. I've lost 6 provinces, of which I've immediately reconquered two. (how come that they seems to always know if my divisions are at or near 0 ORG somewhere?? I haven't seen them flying air missions over the target provinces.) Maybe the Soviets could get an increase in their attack efficiency, while simultaneously decreasing Germany's defence efficiency? If these modifiers are already in use, they should IMO be increased. But please, don't lower the org of my troops any more! It's very frustrating when all units in a province are at zero org during the winter, meaning that they won't even fight.

    The rest are probably vanilla-HoI issues (too), but I'll mention them anyway:
    -The event which ends the Winter war gives too many provinces to the USSR.
    -Could it be possible to upgrade panzergrenadier regiments to panzer regiments?
    -Division commanders gain experience at a decent rate, corps commanders a bit slowly, but the higher level exp-gains are far too slow. My army commanders have gained just a little (some of them have fought from 9/39 to 3/42 now), army group commanders only a couple of points, and theatre commanders nothing.

    Edit: One more issue, the USSR claimed Bessarabia in June 1940, and immediately after that the event where Romania asks to join the Axis fired (the event description says that it happened in November). I accepted, which means that the Second Vienna Diktat and claiming of South-Dobrudja wouldn't have happened. I edited those two so that they fired even when Romania was part of the Axis. So Romania should only ask to join the Axis somewhere around November?
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    Thumbs up Bugs, observations and feedback

    Bugs in Semper Fi DI:G 1.03 game:

    - Spelling error after Barbarossa fires and you loose the strategic effects of the 3 deals with the Soviets: One such cancellation is called "German Soviet Boder Agreement cancelled". There is an r missing in Border.

    - In the brigade construction menu, if you click on any type of brigade and THEN on SP Rocket-Art, only the stats change. The image of the soldier, the photo of the unit and the unit's trademarks remain that of the previous brigade type you clicked on. If you then click another brigade type and then back to SP Rocket Art a second time, the same thing happens again - only with the new brigade (your 3rd click) type's picture, photo etc.

    - Map inconsistency: From Grodno to Skidel there is a river connection. But from Skidel to Grodno (when the Ruskies charge the other way) there is a road connection

    - I paradropped on Lida and the Russian planes there did not "die". They remain there even though I occupy the province?? (This could be an errror in SF I suppose).

    Observations from Semper Fi DI:G 1.03 game:

    - Italy seems very powerful. Egypt fell in May 1941 and by July Palestine as well and they are on their way to Iraq.

    - On the other hand, they do a p***poor job of defending their gains. UK has landed a force just east of Tripoli and is conquering half of Libya with 3 divisions (UK still has Malta and Gibraltar but not Suez)

    - I know that Germany is limited in manpower intentionally in DI:G, but either I am wasteful or the limitations are too much. I started Barbarossa on June 22nd 1941 with 417 MP and a week into the invasion I am already using up 3.5 Manpower for reinforcements a day. I can't really see how anyone is expected to fight the Soviets on these terms and if attrition rises in the winter I am a dead duck...
    What does this button do? - a Semper Fi gameplay AAR (Germany, 1936) - World War II accidentally started on June 1, 1938 (dead)
    Turning Point: STALINGRAD - a 1942 campaign gameplay AAR here - the war begins on page 13! (dead)
    A World in Flames - an international DDA 1.1 1936 AAR Index in the first post (dead)

    "You mean now we can't say 'Hello, we're French spies' to strangers on the street like we used to?"
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    I did not see a Belgium nor Netherlands surrender popup message. I did get
    one for France and Poland. Italy appears too supercharged and is again over-
    running N. Africa in late 1940 long before I could research and build a DAK force
    that they don't appear to need! lol! I don't think Britain is properly handeling its
    forces. Another 3 division invasion in Denmark after it fell was easily destroyed
    and these forces would have been better used in N. Africa. Too large of a BEF
    too with some from Canada and Britain both under Dutch, French, and Belgain

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOK42 View Post
    Succesfull coup don`t change Ministers
    This has to do with the script of the triggered event in DIG. The vanilla event will change both the government and ministers.
    - March of the Eagles mod: The Gods updated 30 Dec 2014

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    twice Russia declared war on me early in 1941, this time in January! I was just
    sending forces to the border stacked 4-5 high with Russian divisions and mine had
    not even all arrived yet and many were undergoing upgrades when Russia declared
    "For the Motherland" and attacked. Also not enough explanation for "Conrad" plan.
    Is it an assumption of an attack upon French N. Africa that will cause France to join
    the Axis (they did in the first game) or is it a promise that they will join if attacked
    which is not really historical since they did not join the Axis...

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    I gotta add DIG with FTM is the MOST fun i have had with HOI3 since I bought it.
    This is really getting to the game that was proposed in the beginning. I am having
    a blast and if Paradox would adjust this to be a US East Coast to Urals to N. Africa
    only game (a European HOI4) with what can be done now with DDs and the others
    input it would be even better. I am seeing EPIC battles around Smolensk and Kiev.
    The addional flavor of events and units makes the game much more of a living expierence
    of wargaming then the vanilla version (which is fine for those folks who like vanilla!).
    It is GREAT to see Allies fighting like Allies and actually defending or attacking areas
    you suggest and not wandering all over like homeless folks with guns! lol! Also combat
    with the AI is more aggressive (less the over the top suicide invasions) and the Brits
    still need to focus on STRATEGIC points such as defending the Suez Canal, Malta, and
    Gibraltar. The Soviets have to be a bit more passive too as their declaration of war
    on Germany in early 1941 for no reason is contrary to treaties and to historical evidence
    of Stalin wanting to stall off the war til around 1943 if possible. Also very mild naval
    fighting in the Med. So far in 2 years of war only a few CLs and DDs lost with mostly
    convoys and escorts being the victims. A bit of a ramble here but i have been playing
    all day almost nonstop and plan on starting another game tomorrow for all day on my
    birthday. Great game (with minor reservations and some serious tweaks still needed)
    finally and many thanks to all involved in its production, improvement, and modification(s)!!

    Edit: Finland's army is too weak i think as well. Their divisions should be a bit better than
    Romanian divisions and appear about the same. There needs a deterioation of the Siegfried
    Line in late 1943 (dropping 1 level of anything built). An Organization Todt event group of
    building level 1 coastal forts at all French ports (at a discount) should be included as well as
    an upgrade of the Westwall in 1944 (to repair the loss thru deteioration and obsoletence).
    Also an event to have a % chance of defence troops appear at any Westwall region when
    enemy forces appear in the next region (these did pop up irregularly in 1944 and did help
    defend the line). Also Germany should be able to decline the use of captured armor or
    divert a least one brigade of German armor to each ally (Hungary got PZIVs as did Finland).
    Gotta get some sleep now or eyes will fall out....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlimont View Post
    just figured it out!!
    Tell us too! I do not have any FTM installation directory, so i cannot understand these instructions...
    ~~~amantes sunt amentes~~~

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    On November 2nd, 1939, I got the "Sinking of the Athenia"-event.

    Now, there is a problem....the entire Kriegsmarine is hiding in a baltic port and no aircraft is on naval strike mission.
    Is there a way to make the event only eglible if Germany has sunk at least one convoy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeliasValenti View Post
    Tell us too! I do not have any FTM installation directory, so i cannot understand these instructions...
    i re-copied the original DIG into a copy of SF2.04/FTM3.04 and the patched DIG with the alpha. "bob's your uncle!"

    i keep a clean copy of SF with latest patch, a copy of the latest SF and DIG,
    and a copy of latest SF/DIG and VWP (the one i ultimately play)

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    i have exactly the same problem, and I have dowloaded des irae again, and it is still not sorted, so what's going on?

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