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Thread: One-feature-a-day articles: #1 Prestige Points and Objectives

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    Lightbulb One-feature-a-day articles: #1 Prestige Points and Objectives

    Dear players,

    The end of the beginning is long past, and with Pride of Nations released within one month (give or take a few days) we are even well into the beginning of the end! So now is the time to give you details about the game in a much more increased frequency. This will be the object of the one feature a day series of short articles. And we really do mean one per day (we will strive to post at 14:00, GMT+1).

    So, without further ado, here is number 1!

    Prestige Points and Objectives

    In Pride of Nations, the main metric on which victory is based is Prestige Points. These PPs are used not only to check if you have won or not, but will also give you several advantages through the course of the game, like starting with a dominant position when a crisis happens for example.
    Each turn, you will earn some because you own strategic locations and prestigious facilities (like shipyards, military academies or even luxury factories). You can also get more of these points by fulfilling national missions, like being the leading producer of cotton in the world as the USA, or having the biggest land army in Europe as the French (or major producer of wine and luxuries!). Another example would be to send expedition parties on geographical survey or anthropological missions. If they manage to not be slaughtered by the natives, you can get a nice sum of PPs!

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    But this doesnít stop here! Because the game will regularly add new objective locations to your nation, until 20 are proposed to you. These 20 objectives will be chosen among the historical spheres of influence of your nation, so you wonít receive weird proposals like having to control Gibraltar as the Ottomans, but these locations wonít be exactly the same from one game to another. This means that even if the objectives will tend to be in areas of interest to you, each game will require a different approach, if you want to maximize the chances to win against other countries. Perhaps in one game, the British and the Russian will each receive a series of objectives in Afghanistan, thus greatly increasing the chances that a clash will happen sooner or later. And perhaps in another game Russian interests will be more strongly focused on the Far-East. Youíll never know beforehand!

    Each objective if controlled will net you a bit more prestige each turn, plus will boost your national morale, when at war. If you lose some on the other hand, your war morale will fall a bit, so you can be forced to an inglorious peace if you give up too many such regions. As such, wars wonít be only conducted with the goal of capturing the enemy capital or beating his armies on the field, but there will be a variety of regional goals to achieve, if you want to get the upper hand in war negotiations.

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    The idea of objectives appearing as the game progresses is in the "Simple-but-oustanding" category. Congratulations.
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    It sounds like some objectives give you bonus multipliers, like holding a region. While some seem to be one off's (like sending a anthropological expedition). So is it a maximum of 20 missions at a time, or 20 all up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Israel Hands View Post
    So is it a maximum of 20 missions at a time, or 20 all up?
    I really hope it's the former, but I like the system in any case. Kudos, for the feature-a-day idea, too.
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    Since it will give you constant bonus points I guess it means a maximum of 20 bonus objectives which can be calculated per turn...

    Thanks for the posts from me, too. :-)

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    I'm really looking forward to this game since I first read about Vainglory of Nations over at Ageod.

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    Really good. Looking forward to a nice 'teaser' each day.

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    Gameplay objectives and the crisis generator are long overdue in grand strategy games.

    EU3 had missions but it was not built upon in expansions and newer Paradox games.

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    Very nice game mechanics
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    Okay, I'm sold!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CatKnight View Post
    Okay, I'm sold!
    Same here, when can we buy this

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    This sounds excellent. Simple and effective. Maybe "prestige" and "morale" will become REALLY important for once.

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