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Thread: Un Nouveau Départ - A Divergences AAR

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    Great to see an update, and to see expansion!

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    I've been waiting for an update for a long time.

    As a new point of advice, we should take another state, so as to make Plantagenia a one-state minor. Also, now would be a good time to remove Qingqiu, Lusitania, Mexico, Aztlan, Mayapanand Kita Kaigan from you're sphere and then unify Arcadia under the Septiman banner.
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    I'll be lurking on this thread from now on.
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    Wow, it still exists !

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    I really like this AAR. I'm glad its back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoi2geek View Post

    Official Name: État-Unis de Arcadie-Septimanes (United States of Septiman Arcadia)
    Even if burgondo-septiman French is quite different from our timeline French language, I think those people will put a -s at the end of "État". States = États and État = State... . You can suppress your final -s, in french, -s is only a plural mark.
    And do not forget the elision : "États-Unis d'Arcadie-Septimane"

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    Awesome aar, I wish I could get divergences to actually work and not have the files just sit there being useless

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