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Thread: ATTENTION: No Long Signatures, Spam Posts or Bandwidth Leeching

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    ATTENTION: No Long Signatures, Spam Posts or Bandwidth Leeching

    People are using signatures that are well beyond what's specified in the Board Rules. Please reread the rule below and adjust the length of your signatures accordingly. I don't think you'll want me to do it for you...


    • The signature should be composed of the default font only and should be 10 lines maximum (including lines of spaces) when viewed at 1152 x 864.

      They should conform to the normal Board Rules regarding content. They should not include ascii made images.

      Colours and links (in accordance with Board Rules) may be used.

      Any signature seen as being overly long or of an offensive nature etc is liable to be removed without notice.

      Paradox forum staff have the final say over what is deemed offensive Inflammatory Political Statements or Quotes (as Perceived by the Paradox Staff) are not permitted in signatures and will be removed.

      Signatures should not include quote-boxes.
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    More spam, you die! Horribly, horribly!

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