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Thread: Salem= Haven and Hearth II

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    Salem= Haven and Hearth II

    Ok the details on Salem still have been limited. However, everything I have seen and herd it it is H&H with updated graphs, better GUI(?) and a slightly different setting which will mean some different clothing? I am sure there are some other different but everything I have seen so far that it is more of H&H II than a a new game with a lot of similarities. Am I wrong, or is this one of thous wait and see?

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    In my humble opinion its yes and no.

    Yes it is going into the same Vein as Haven and Hearth ( which i think is nearly great, but still a very nice game ).

    But No it has its diferrences as it is playing in a bit later Era with a Frame of what tecnical Inventions there are possible. In H&H Slings and Bows might be Top notch in Terms of Hunting in Salem this easily could be Rifles, and Guns.

    Also the mighty Jorb said its not using the curiosity System that W5 brought in H&H which seemed superb at the beginning but lacked in the Lategame.

    Imho its a streamlined less buggy graphical update its more a H&H 2.5 than H&H 2 in terms of differences.

    But thats just my two cents and could all be wrong.

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    I hope by guns you mean firearms because I don't want to play a game where 16th century rural migrants have access to cannon. :P

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