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Thread: Allied Surrender to Germany Event

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    Allied Surrender to Germany Event

    Has anyone created their own set of Allied surrender events? The default ones are weak and make no sense (as repeated in a number of other posts). I am wondering if anyone has created their own events for this and how they have worked out in game testing.

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    I've created my own to a certain extent.

    Basically it is as follows...
    Not at war with SU (as Germany)
    Lost (all British Isles VP, everything in North Africa, Malta, Gibraltar (the med is closed essentially)
    Annex UK
    with the fall of the UK I go ahead and have France surrender completely (cause she won't surrender until the US is in the war even if you capture the VP in Africa and South America)... and I'm working on the rest but I'm thinking a peace treaty with the allies, and a NAP with the USA

    I'm thinking that a stunning German victory like that might just get the Allies to call for peace and America to continue to be isolationist... It also saves the pointless island hopping in the Pacific. I'm currently trying to find whatever event that causes the Monroe Doctrine to popup and get into a war regardless.
    The Great European Civil War Germany Victory! Complete!

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