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Thread: Will This Game Require Steam to Play?

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    Will This Game Require Steam to Play?

    1) Will it be possible to purchase from non-Steam sources (ie GG, Impulse etc)
    2) Will it require Steam to actually play (ie Shogun 2 from GG)

    The reason I ask is simply because I just read this post from a Nitro Games developer (admittedly from some time ago). It did scare me somewhat as I have my reservations about steam and avoid them entirely.

    I am excited about the game and had intended to pre-order this game and will still do so if 1=YES and 2=NO. It's a personal preference thing and hopefully the devs can provide the information I need to make the decision.

    Now this thread isn't about my reservations (those are my own and not changing). It's not about Steam vs the World (that debate will never end). It's definitely not about the benefits & shortcomings of Steam (there are good arguments on both sides).

    I was just simply wondering about the 2 questions listed above. Hopefully the devs can answer them. It's something truely important to me as someone looking to buy this game.

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    Well. They used Steam activation as protection only for the physical (DVD) copies of Commander. Noone mentioned yet what plans are for Black Cove.

    But it's cool to remind all devs that Steam is devil every once in a while. :-)
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