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Thread: Mods on a Mac?

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    Mods on a Mac?

    So I know that Paradox doesn't make the games for a Mac, and it is a third party, but is there a way to install mods on a Mac? Whatever company does the porting eventually comes out with patches so I have whatever that last(non beta) patch. I've tried overwriting the files (after backup) wiht the victoria rebalance... mod but the game does not start: if revert to backed up files it does in fact start- do I need to put them into another folder?

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    I am very interested in this as well. I just bought a MacBook Pro, 15inch with the 256 video card. Should I still get Windows and try to play through Bootcamp?

    Any thoughts on how portable the mods are to Mac? I played HOI2 extensively and usually played through bootcamp because the mods are so valuable and I didn't know if I could port them to Mac.



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    I have been playing PDM on my Mac port by Virtual Programming.

    All you have to do is replace all folders carefully.
    Mods and multiplayer work fine on a Mac: what you don't get is beta updates though.

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    I think you should just use bootcamp, saves a bunch of hassle and if you are planning to have multiple paradox games, well they will get patched quicker.
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    Macs have some strange stuff related with folders merging, so I use a app called CopyMerge to make it work.

    But I forgot where I downloaded :/

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    Since the .mod system doesn't seem to work anyway, its just a matter of creating a replica of the fresh install folder and slotting in everything folder by folder, or using a file merger. I use Araxis Merge to combine mods, my own mod mix is a combination of about 12 mini and medium sized mods.

    There seems to be no difference modding on a mac than on PC, except that the 1.4 patch hasn't been ported yet, and a few of the newer mods are based on this patch rather than 1.3, which is the latest mac patch port.

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    Did you download it from the Mac App Store, or is it a boxed version? I'm not sure how Vicky runs from the App Store. Does it have the launcher? I think bootcamp is the best thing you can do to get it to run properly. I use it to play all my games on my 2010 Macbook.

    Hopefully Paradox will start porting games to the mac, that way they could gain more fans and users.
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    Virtual Programming do an excellent port of Vicky 2 and Eu3.

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