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Thread: Victoria compared to Victoria II

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    Victoria compared to Victoria II


    I'm sitting with a rather limited laptop in terms of performance - Victoria II's demo was so laggy I had to shut it off after going through the first two basic tutorials. I liked what I saw, however. Would the Victoria Complete (Victoria + Expansion pack) be a worthy purchase instead? It's available for $2.50 at GamersGate right now, not ALL that much really

    I've played Eu3 (up to Heir to the Throne, since Divine Wind is supposedly more like Victoria II in terms of performance) and I enjoy Eu3 a lot

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    You should have no problems with running it if you can run EUIII, as it's an older game and engine.

    Truthfully, right now I think Victoria + Rev is superior to Victoria II as a game anyway, with the caveat that as VickyII's various bugs and issues get worked out, and once it has at least one expansion, that may change.

    As long as you're interested in the setting and/or playstyle of Vicky (i.e., an industrial-revolution set game that is focused on population, politics and industrialisation far more than on warfare) I'd definitely recommend it, especially at that cheap a price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyoumen View Post
    You should have no problems with running it if you can run EUIII, as it's an older game and engine
    Is this in reference to Victoria or Victoria II? :P Because I was considering going for Vicky with its expansion because of the runnig issues I had with Victoria II. Your comment makes me want to buy it right now!

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    There is a big speed difference between the older Europa engine games (Victoria I, Hearts of Iron II, EU II, Crusader Kings) and the newer Clausewitz engine ones (EU3, Vicky2, HoI3). If you can run the Vicky II demo at all, Vicky I + Revolutions won't give you any trouble speed-wise. If you're interested in the period buy it. Even if you're considering buying Vicky II Complete later on, the 2.50 € (or in your case $) cost less than the cheapest drink at Starbuck's. Go for it. If you ever get bored and want more a historical game just download the VIP mod. It reworks the game so much you'll double your enjoyment, at least.

    Be aware that Vicky is much more about internal management than warmongering than EU3, though. And there is an infamy variable, even if you can't see it in the interface. Hit <F12> and typ in "badboy". If you are above 20 prepare to be attacked
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    To be honest I dont think any Clausewitz game is superior to the original. Paradox should have dumped it after the troubles in EU3(Which turned out being fairly good eventually). But I guess they invested too much into it to be able to drop it.

    Victoria 1's biggest problems are - micromanagement(Which they tried to fix in Vic2, fairly well) and lack of colonial administration and immigration(It's fairly hard to replicate colonial presence abroad, though if you know how its doable.)

    Having said that, the AI, difficulty, fun, realism is second to none in Vic1. I've been on this board since 2006, and previous to that still played the games(That existed then), and since then only Victoria and EU2 have I continually come back to over the years.
    Regarding EU2, For the Glory is a wonderful improvement from it, well worth it for any EU fan.
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    While I can play games on the Clauswitz engine they all tend to have performance issues on my PC. I prefer to play Europa engine games EU2/CK/Vic/HOI2 as the nice ideas are that the newer games include (and there are some) aren't worth playing really slowly.
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    I fully support your comments about Clausewitz engine

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    None of the games are truly better or worse than the other, but they have some very different design concepts:
    I personally prefer the more historical Victoria I, II improves some parts of the gameplay but removes many historical events and the result is some very strange scenarios ( Eg.the US invading Egypt). But then again I think i prefer all the old version over the newer ones so if you prefer EUIII to EUII Victoria 2 might be a good choice.

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    Victoria 2 is and was designed to be more of sandbox game while viki 1 was going for historical determinism.And historical accurasy was appealing to me i found it to be a bit constraining.Almost like the world was going its way independently of your actions.
    On the other hand viki 2 has many issues to be resolved-but you can always try some of its mods (POP and VPPR are excellent)
    But for only a couple of euros dont hesitate and buy viki 1-you will love it

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    Go for the classic Victoria + Rev. I follow the Vic 2 development and it seems that while every new patch corrects some problems, new are created. You know, maybe it is sometimes better to just promote citizens one by one than "hey, how high do I have to set taxes to get bureaucrats?".
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    What do you think now about the Vic I vs. Vic II competition? Is Vic I still worth buying INSTEAD of Vic II?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punkcow View Post
    What do you think now about the Vic I vs. Vic II competition? Is Vic I still worth buying INSTEAD of Vic II?
    With a computer that can handle VicII and with the A House Divided expansion, probably not.
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    It really depends on what you want. Vicky 2 is very sandboxy and there is nothing approaching the event-driven history of the VIP mod for Vicky 1. It does have a better economic and population system, though. Warfare is also a bit more interesting (although a bit too random for my taste). The interface and graphics are much better and there are tutorials that teach you everything. It does feel a bit mechanistic at times, but some mods like PDM really help with immersion.

    Vicky 1 is an unwieldy game with old-fashioned graphics that will run on most computers pretty fast. It can be very rewarding, but you better prepare by reading some AARs and don't expect interface feedback on everything. It is also cheaper by a wide margin.

    As a recommendation I would play the Vicky 2 demo. See if you like it and if you do, get Vicky 2 and A House Divided when the next patch for that one is out. You might also want to wait for the next gamersgate sale. Last time Vicky 1 went really cheap. 8.99 € is still a bit pricey for a 2003 game.
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    I got a bit dissapointed with the newer games, too much sandbox and suddenly every game seems similar, with the only difference in countries being how long it takes to reach the number 1 spot. EU III is in very good shape with all four expansions but Vivky 2 is still a looooooong way from becoming a really good, fun game.

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    Yeah I really dont like vicki 2 at all. too sandbox, poor graphics [honestly i hate this 3d crap] and just seems pretty barren compared to the polished mods vicky has to offer.
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    There are some good mods in Vicky 2, but I agree it feels a bit random. You never got crazy alliances like Prussia/France on the first day in Vicky 1. The slow promotion of pops is nice, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrillSwe View Post

    I'm sitting with a rather limited laptop in terms of performance - (..)
    I have an old laptop from 2004 that does not support pixel shader 2, which the Clausewitz engine from EU3, Vic2 and HoI3 obviously requires. Though I am happily running Victoria(I):Revolutions on that computer and I can recommend the game throughout. It is definitely a no-brainer for the price you mentioned.

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