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Thread: Building a Nation - an Interactive British AAR

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    Having frequented the Vicky 2 board for some time in an anonymous manner, I felt that I should register, if just to congratulate you on a stirring piece of work. I had more or less given up on playing this game myself, until coming across this AAR, and now myself and a friend are industrialising, sphering, and colonising like the best of them.

    A job well done, sir - and if I cannot look forwards to further updates, I hope at least (and it appears I am not alone) to see more of your work in the future.

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    Please don't stop this AAR!!!! It's so special and entertaining to us all!!!!!!!

    You know what: take a break for one or two more weeks and then see if you want to keep writing this AAR!!!!

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    I also greatly enjoyed the AAR. Thanks
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    This was a very good and highly enjoyable AAR

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