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Thread: Fallout's Doomsday 2.0 for Darkest Hour

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    Fallout's Doomsday 2.0 for Darkest Hour

    Fallout's Doomsday
    A mod for Darkest Hour

    Important Note
    The mod has changed ownership from SwordOfJustice to the capable hands of Slaughter and Arcangelus. LONG LIVE THEM BOTH!

    He is actively working on this new version which is compatible with Darkest Hour 1.03 and includes a new map with many more provinces than the original mod had.

    This download file is a rar file. I believe you can extract this archive into a subfolder of the Mods folder of your Darkest Game installation. It might be a good idea to call that subfolder FODD which is the usual abbreviation for this mod.


    When you start your copy of Darkest Hour 1.03 you should see FODD as a mod. This should be the trial 2.1 release. You should check the last posts of this mighty thread for ongoing patches and updates which Slaughter and his partners in modding might release. They may also offer installation instructions.

    The mod movies and music pack mentioned later in this post from FODD 2.0.11 can still be used if you find them interesting.

    HOTFIX FOR 2.1:
    The usual practice is to extract these files over the top of the existing ones to replace those.


    Last version for Darkest Hour 1.02: 2.0.11 Note that patches are cumulative and contain all previous patch contents.
    Release Date: 07/07/2011
    Patch Date: 29/12/2013
    Compatibility: Darkest Hour 1.02
    Supported Game Mode: Single player and Multiplayer

    Darkest Hour Patch 1.02

    2.0.11 Download Location
    This ModDB site holds the current 2.0.11 patch plus the main FODD 2.0 installer, as well as the mod movie and music files.

    Alternative Download Location
    The main FODD 2.0 installer.

    FODD release 2.0.11 cumulative patch

    FODD 2.0.11 Hot Fixes
    Overwrite existing files, of course.

    Hot fix A
    Put this in your mod events folder.

    Hot Fix B
    Put in this in your FODD mod folder. This is an update for the Remove_1936 batch file so it works properly. This isn't crucial but it's frees up a little disk space and I had fun making this batch file so it's there to use if you want.

    More downloads
    Improved music pack: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21027...DD_Music_A.rar

    Mod Movie files are here. Note that you can only see these if you overwrite the movie files with these in the main game folder. Please back up the originals first.

    Installation Instructions for 2.0.11
    1. The version of Darkest Hour you need is 1.02.
    2. Reinstall Darkest Hour fresh if you've already used the 1.03 beta patch.
    3. Then apply the 1.02 patch.
    3. Download the FODD 2.0 installer file. Run it, and browse to or type in the folder location where you installed Darkest Hour.
    4. The installer will install the required files into a subfolder in that location.
    5. All Darkest Hours mods are stored in their own individually named folders inside the \mods subfolder. Once you install the mod, you'll see a FODD folder inside there.
    6. Download the latest FODD patch. This is a rar archive file so you'll need a program like winrar to open it. Extract the files over the top of the FODD folder.
    7. When you start Darkest Hour, you get a game launch screen. It has some settings, and in the bottom right is a drop down box where you can choose to play with installed mods.

    NOTE: If you don't see the FODD subfolder inside the Mods folder, the installer program has accidentally put the folder somewhere else. You can find that and manually cut and paste the FODD folder and all its contents to the correct place.

    NOTE: You could copy the entire Darkest Hour game folder somewhere else. Then have one copy for the mod, patched with 1.02, and have one copy to run Darkest Hour with the latest 1.03 patch. You will need to make an additional desktop shortcut that points to the Darkest Hour.exe file to launch the additional installation. You'll have to research on the internet how to do that yourself, this aint a Windows training service. :-)

    NOTE: The installation location for STEAM based games is different to non STEAM based games. I believe the above will still work. If you run Windows Vista or even Windows 7, you need to be mindful that you need permissions to the folders where you install the game.

    *** Run the Remove_1936.bat file inside the mod folder. This deletes the heretical 1936 obsolete scenario. ***

    Extract the latest patch archive file into the \mods\FODD folder, overwriting existing files. You have to install the hotfixes as noted above.

    Brother Vladimir's Mod Pack

    Alternative skins for some nations:

    2.0 CHANGE LOG
    * Added another player welcome event to explain starting locked units.
    * Added a Former USA event to penalise players who disband the units that will defect to Dark Cathedral when the civil war happens.
    * Updated the Credit list.
    * Renamed Tomb Raider (replacement for Jungle Rat) as Jungle Rat. I think the previous name is a bit obscure, though I like the reference to Lara Croft.
    * Updated RCC AI file with tweaks and I made them more hostile to FUSA.
    * Renamed president of NROM.
    * Merged the mod's text files from config folder with the files from Darkest Hour.  Numerous changes. I added text to cover other languages in cases where it was blank. In other cases, I left the original DH text in place and just updated the customised mod text for english. The net result is that if the game is set to another language different from English, at least some kind of text will show up.  This means the mod could be played in non english languages, though not very well as the text would often be wrong.
    * Now that you don't need to have an urban province terrain type to show a custom province picture, I put the Abbey in The New Church back to forest terrain.
    * Added minimum IC settings using new DH options in \db\misc.txt file. Minimum IC even without resources is 10% of total, and minimum IC is 2 IC even with negative free IC.
    * Added the icon for Escort fighters back into \gfx\interface\auxiliary.bmp. The copied this to auxiliarybig.bmp used by FODD as the display for brigades in the unit detail window.
    * Included new skins done by Vesimir for NCR and Default.
    * I got rid of barbarians and far away land and removed the annexation events that used to ensure unit stats were upgraded.
    * Elitech submitted new political slider scheme and revised sliders for all nations which I implemented with some revisions.
    * The event that states your have re-entered the Glow for a second time would continue to fire though you would not receive the discovery events more than once.  I added a trigger condition to the re-entry event to prevent multiple firing.
    * Added the missing picture for province control event.
    * Removed unsupported intel_diff triggers from Vault City events regarding intelligence reports on Ghoul conference.
    * Corrected many issues in the minister files due to the detailed DH error log posted by MartinBG.
    * Replaced the % sign with the full word in some text entries in event_text.csv file.
    * Deleted all nations not in the mod from unitnames.csv file.
    * Added the missing unit names for Vault 10 to all unit and army name files.
    * Corrected many bugs like missing equals signs in event files. Undoubtedly the cause of mod crashes.
    * Also found bugs in the text string files.
    * Gave core and ownership on Fort Resolution province to Warriors of Ice as they start with it controlled anyway.
    * Found and fixed some more personality issues in minister files.
    * Shifted East BoS humanity slider two points towards inhumane.  They are meant to be harsh.
    * Reworked the triggers for the Warriors of Ice AI swap events to work correctly. Now, they should become more aggressive in the cold months of each year.
    * Added trigger conditions to the Mutant Army event chain to buy slaves from the Huns.  Relations needs to be -100 or better and The Huns must exist!
    * Lonelylurker reported a bug with NCR Border Guards not returned as intended in the Western Caravan Trail event chain.  I changed the return event so the unit goes to force pool.  This means they will return even if NCR provinces have been captured. I checked the rest of those events and they are fine.
    * Added the missing rivers back in.  Thanks Gukan.
    * Found that the Dark Cathedral event Two Faces of Darkness had no dates and would never fire!  Fixed.
    * Found a logic error with the relationship between two FUS events: Lure of Darkness and Hope is a Diamond.  Fixed.
    * Two Industrial techs improve ground defence efficiency: Advanced Armor and New Era Power Armor.  The values were too high at +10% and +15% respectively. They are now both +5%.
    * Now allow Robots to research the first two Attachments techs: Basic Defense Towers, Improved Defense Towers based on feedback from Myrth.
    * Now allow Robots to gain the Secret tech Vault Locations by adding Espionage as an alternative pre-requisite to Extensive Wastelands Trade. Amended the corresponding Secret tech activation event to match.
    * Now allow Robots to research Industry tech Advanced Armor.  Myrth's arguments made sense.
    * Now allow Robots to research Industry tech Improved Medicine.
    * Now allow Robot infantry to wield Machineguns attachment.
    * Increased reinforcement time from 0.65 to 0.75.
    * Increased TC occupied province load from 0.5 to 1.0.
    * Increased TC load from undeployed brigades from 0.1 to 0.25.
    * Used new DH misc.txt settings for nationalism and revolt risk.  MP will add revolt risk.
    * Improved monthly nationalism reduction from 0.004 to 0.01.
    * Allowed non owned provinces which are cores for an ally to be sold or transferred to that ally.
    * Set desired provincial stockpiles for oil and supplies to 30 days' worth instead of 7.
    * Set the maximum resource depot size to 60000.  I need to experiment if this affects the global pool.
    * Set the maximum supplies/fusion cells depot size to 40000.  I need to experiment if this affects the global pool.
    * Set maximum manpower to 2000.
    * Set land, air and naval unit supply usage modifiers for not moving vs in combat to 0.9 and 1.1 respectively.
    * Set land, air and naval unit fusion cell usage modifier for being in combat to 1.1.
    * Reviewed Messenger stats for naval units and reworked some of them.  For example, reduced speed on transports to match Fallout setting.
    * Reworked naval transports in particular you can now convert them to convoy transport points.
    * Set convoy transport stats as follows: cost = 5, buildtime = 65, manpower = 0.5, size = 5.
    * Set naval transport to convoy transport conversion ratio to 5.  
    * Made Attachments tech Scrap Machineguns prerequisite for Sea Power tech Early Motorboats.
    * Made Attachments tech Scrap Heavy Weapons prerequisite for Sea Power tech Basic Motorboats.
    * Made Attachments tech Scrap Heavy Weapons prerequisite for Sea Power tech Basic Motorboats.
    * Set convoy escort stats as follows: cost = 8, buildtime = 200, manpower = 1.0, size = 10.
    * Set DD to convoy escorts conversion ratio to 12.
    * Enabled production line edits.
    * Assigned a 25% gearing bonus loss for each level of upgrade for units and brigades in the production line.
    * Set ratio for IC to target IC for influence nation to affect sliders at 3x.
    * Added -3 relationship hit for cancelling a trade deal.
    * Enabled force puppets to join their master's alliance.
    * Masters also become masters of their puppet's puppets.
    * Enabled manually making claims in game with +5 belligerence for each non owned, non national province.
    * Disabled neutrals to join Allies or Axis when opposing alliance declares war on them.
    * Changed naval command limits to 24/12/8/4 for naval leader ranks.
    * Convoy protection fear factor is now 1.0 up from 0.8.
    * Used default Darkest Hour values for damage to province buildings from air attack.
    * Set minister bonus to units and attachments to sum any unit or attachment bonus to the minister bonus.
    * Added 0.5 multiplier bonus to AA from each radar level as per notes in misc.txt.  In other words, radar will make AA more deadly.
    * Implemented a 50% night penalty for AA.
    * Allowed single province and region targeting for naval and air units.
    * Changed the FUSA Rebuild FUS Industries event to only restore the industrial efficiency which was lost in the Call up the National Guard event. It previously increased the overall efficiency over that amount.
    * Made the FUSA Lure of Darkness event spawn two random rebellions instead of one.
    * Added a relations hit to FUSA event Heavy Slaver Raids if they break the secret deal with Caesar.
    * Increased the relations penalty with FUSA if Caesar calls on the Junkers to ally with them.
    * Reduced the time cycle to 60 days on the Caesar's Legion event Call on the Junkers.
    * Improved the SA and HA of Giant Spider units to 8 and 2 respectively.
    * Added 10 rare materials to Kansas City province and increased its VP to 5.
    * Increased infrastructure in Topeka and Springfield provinces to 40% for Kansas Free State.
    * Gave Industry techs 5230 Batteries and 5240 Basic Power Production to Kansas Free State.  They are so weak and need help to balance their starting economy.
    * Changed the starting domestic slider of Professional Army for Kansas Free State from 10 to 9.  This gives some value to them choosing Improve Our Military option in event Smoothskins All Around.
    * Changed the Improve Our Military option in event Smoothskins All Around for Kansas Free State to give a blueprint for Early Garrison instead of Ghoul Professionals which they already start with anyway.
    * Raised energy in Topeka province to 13 for Kansas Free State and raised its VP to 5.
    * Gave 5 metal in Springfield province for Kansas Free State and raised its VP to 5.
    * Made Kansas City a core for Kansas Free State.
    * Increased Vault City's starting stockpiles and manpower pool.
    * Added a 1 and 2 convoy attack rating for Satellite Uplink naval attachments for small and large ships respectively.
    * Changed the relative manpower effect from Land Doctrine tech Respect from -15 to -10.
    * Removed the -5 Organization penalty from Land Doctrine tech Disdain and reduced the manpower bonus from +15 to +10.
    * Reduced the manpower bonus from Land Doctrine tech Meatgrinder Training from +15 to +10.
    * I made the date of most techs in the Explosive series of Attachment techs increase by three years each. This matches the progression with other Attachment lines like Machineguns better.
    * Greatly increased the Toughness and Defensiveness boni for player trait event "I am Cautious" to +15 each.  Also made the Organization bonus at +5%.  The penalty of -1 Speed is a big one and means the nation will find it hard to capture the Wastelands provinces.  This trait would suit a nation that is surrounded by enemies where there is little opportunity for early expansion.
    * Play testing showed too many successful espionage missions.  I have altered many of the settings in misc.txt related to espionage.
    * Removed some Fusion Cell production from NROM but boosted their starting stockpiles significantly.
    * Added one motorized battalion to NROM.
    * Added an event to unlock the four starting Irregulars units for Harlequins when at war.
    * Gave Alexandria province to the Harlequins and moved some rare materials and manpower from New Orleans to there.
    * Tweaked Caesar's Legion AI settings.
    * Tweaked Warriors of Ice AI settings.
    * Added -3 dissent to event Beaten Back in Nations.txt event file.
    * LonelyLurker mentioned: I've had the 'Conqueror' events up to X-beta getting re-named Vault 10, but they havn't spawned any units or gotten back to me about the further cooperation mentioned in the last event event that did happen. Also their province is still at 1 IC.  I checked the event chain but it is fine.  Needs further testing. Removed a persistent tag from one event for declaring war against Vault 10.  It should only trigger once.
    * Medicine tech (within medicine tech tree), the tech picture quote has a typo. Tech 5490.  Says "loose it", but it should be "lose it". Fixed.
    * Air adhoc adaptation tech (robotics tech tree) picture also has a typo. Tech 9070.  Change it to say "that traditional algorithms mostly fail". Fixed.
    * Completed review and rebalance of all sea units, making changes to Messenger's values.
    * Increased costs of several spy missions in \db\spy_costs.txt while decreasing base success chance. Also decreased maintenance cost of espionage levels. Testing showed difficulties paying for espionage and how brutally it operates given mod AI settings. The latter will need to be adjusted also.
    * In \db\misc.txt, I reduced manpower levels for colonies and non national provinces slightly.
    * In \db\misc.txt, I set resource maximum stockpiles as five times the desired value, leaving supplies and fusion cells as ten times.
    * In \db\misc.txt, I increased desired supplies and fusion cells stockpiles to 60 days' worth.
    * Increased days between spy missions from 30 to 60. Increased relationship hit back to -10 as spy missions should now be less frequent.
    * For NCR, I decreased defense lobby slider setting from 6 to 4 and added 30 starting manpower pool.
    * Added an extra marauder spawn to FUSA event Lure of Darkness.
    * Increased dissent reduction in FUSA event Emergency Measures from -3 to -4.
    * Removed the unlock event for the Powered Marine FUSA battalion and made it's starting strength 10.
    * Reduced Dark Cathedral neutrality in it's AI file from -80 to -60.
    * Moved the starting FUS Powered Marine unit which is locked to Baltimore.
    * Locked the FUS 149th Fortress Brigade Garrison unit in Washington DC.
    * Changed the FUS Lure of Darkness event to spawn rebellions in Washington DC, Baltimore and Richmond.  I also made these rebellions a bit stronger overall.  With a locked Garrison in Washington and a locked Powered Marine in Baltimore, this is more appropriate.
    * Separated the fighters and attack helicopters that Dark Cathedral will inherit in the Former USA civil war.  This should mean that the AI will use it's sighters for air defense missions. I also increased the starting strength of these from 50 to 75.
    * I greatly reduced the unit damage and disorganisation effects for the initial Dark Cathedral events. These are meant to simulate the internal fighting with loyalists when the civil war erupts and many units defect to the Dark Cathedral.
    * I removed the trigger condition from the Dark Cathedral event which spawns garrison mobs in Philadelphia. It used to only spawn if FUS was human controlled. So now it will spawn every time.
    * I added some mild unit disorganisation and damage effects to FUS event Lure of Darkness.
    Version:		Release 2.0.9
    Date:			17/09/2012
    Name:			Fallout's DoomsDay
    Bug fixes
    Change to end game war
    Some balance tweaks
    Work on Redding
    Reworked events for conquering former US states
    * Found and fixed a problem with Slavers' Guild mercenary events in Den event file.
    * Change the targets of the Vipers slaving events to be: New Church (or Texas Reformed), Kansas Free State, Hub, Reservation, Harlequins.  Necropolis is no longer targeted.  Some slaving events have a lower chance due to distance or the high security of the target nation.
    * Updated the End_Game.txt event file.  The final war will start in June 2256 by default, but can be triggered earlier. The early trigger can start April 2250 leading to early end game war in May 2251. The trigger condition has been increased from 140 VPs to 170 VPs.
    * Fixed some bugs with event action labels in End_Game.txt file.
    * Fixed a bug in scenario_text.csv causing Enclave nation text to not show on the scenario selection screen.
    * Elitech spotted a bug in minister ID progression for Robot Nation.  Fixed.
    * Added a time condition of year = 2250 to release Big Red One Powered Marine infantry unit for Former USA.
    * Changed the names of FUSA HQs in \db\unitnames.csv file so the first HQ name does not conflict with the name of the Big Red One Powered Marine infantry unit.
    * Amended many FUSA leaders to have more reasonable traits.
    * Made a mistake with the sprite files. My test installation has no tank sprites. Added them in.
    * I fixed the air transport division pictures.
    * I added some excellent unit graphics for Caesar's Legion, plus one for The Under-Nation and one for Mutant Infantry that Messenger had submitted some time ago.
    * Added Social tech Monodominance to the AI file for Reavers as per forum thread nation specifications.
    * Fixed a minor naming error for FUS Scout units in both \db\unitnames.csv and \scenarios\2245\Former_USA.inc files. Also, checked and amended naval and air unit names to ensure they match the unitnames.csv file.
    * Removed some old date references for Robot Nation events.
    * Found two provinces called La Paz in \config\province_names.csv file so I renamed the one not used in the mod.
    * Checked all the events for reconquest of the original US states in \db\general.txt. Updated provice IDs to match the current map and ensured the states are accurately represented to the Areas listed on the map. I updated and enhanced the game effects of these events. I also added commands to give the provinces as cores. So whoever conquers an original US state first will get the benefits including those provinces becoming cores for that nation. There were some bugs in these events which I fixed.
    * Boosted Hoover Dam from 30 energy and 4 VPs to 60 energy and 7 VPs. I also added one manpower point to represent Ghoul engineers maintaining the Dam plus a tribe of primitive humans who worship them.
    * Found and fixed another two bugs in mercenary hire events for Caesar's Legion.
    * Added wonderful new event background images made by Brother Vladimir. Also added the updated event pictures with the new frame graphic around each one.  Fabulous!
    * Changed building costs as follows:
    	IC 				5 x 360 = 1800
    	Coastal Fort	4 x 240 = 960
    	Land Fort		4 x 240 = 960
    	Anti Air		3 x 120 = 360
    	Infra			3 x 540 = 1620
    	Air Base		5 x 240 = 1200
    	Naval Base		5 x 240 = 1200
    	Radar Station	6 x 240 = 1440
    	Nuclear Reactor	15 x 720 = 10800
    	Rocket Test		10 x 360 = 3600
    * Added +10% Paradrop Attach and Shore Attack to Scout units for getting Attachment tech 2490 Robo Engineers.
    * Added +10% army detection chance for getting Attachment tech Robo Dogs.
    * Added +5% Paradrop Attach and Shore Attack to Scout units for getting each Attachment tech: 2100 Apocalyptic Engineers, 2110 Improved Engineers, 2120 Assault Engineers.
    * Added +10% Night Defense, +10% Night Attack, +5% Night Move to Beast attachments for getting each Attachment tech: 2440 Wild Dogs and 2450 Trained Dogs.
    * Raised the starting manpower pool of Shi Empire to 34.
    * Made some changes to Den ministers and added some ministers. The custom minister personality description for Head of State Rebecca Dyer explains why she is in that position.
    * Updated some leaders for Den with new pictures and changed one leader's statistics.
    * Updated Rebecca Dyer in Den to use her correct name as it was misspelt previously.
    * Added new custom minister personalities with names and descriptions \config\text.csv file and effects in \db\ministers\minister_personalities.csv file.
    * A new custom personality for Gammorin, leader of the Mutant Army, made months ago was missed. Added this into the Mutant Army minister file.
    * Made a change the player trait event in \db\events\general.txt file that hopefully will allow more than one player in MP games to choose a trait.
    * Increased manpower in Redding from 1 to 3 with a new VP total of 31.
    * Redding get Professional style mercenary techs. Changed their starting mercenary to that model type.
    * Added an option on Elitech's suggestion for a player to disable the end game war if they want.  It's via an early event.
    * Added an event chain for finding the Six String Samurai and hunt for Elvis in the US State Reunification events located in general.txt event file.  
    * Made Rad-Zombie Wastes a desert province to tie in with the explanation for the Rad-Zombies given in the Ohio state reunification event.
    * Added a flag to x_marks_the_spot_beta.txt event file to show when Vault 10 spawns. This is used in the nation conquered event for that nation.
    * Added Vault 10, Polar Station Zeta and Reavers to some events that every nation gets: nation gone (general.txt), entering and scavenging the Glow (general.txt), getting access to the Glow on researching Rad Away technology (refreshing_techs.txt), being fired on by Nuclear Nelly from the Reservation (reservation.txt), Respawn Kurtz's Camp from Enclave Secret Program (enclave.txt).
    * While doing the previous item, I found that the Rad Away events in refreshing_techs.txt file had never been updated with newer nations. Added Caesar's Legion, Darien Tribes, Junkers, Warriors of Ice, Harlequins, Kurtz's Camp, The Under-Nation, Zombie Apocalypse, Dark Cathedral, God Machine, Reservation.
    * Created an event file for Reavers with a welcome event and standard events.
    * Added Horny and The Warrior as leaders for Reavers from X-files and The Hunt event chains to \db\leaders\CAM.csv file.
    * Added Horny leader and Warrior events from X-files and The Hunt event chains reavers.txt event file.
    * While working on the Reservation event file I noticed a big bug where the Nuclear Nelly events were triggering wrong event IDs. This would have unpredictable effects.  It is now corrected so that these events trigger the correct effect event for Nuclear Nelly being fired into a nation at war with them.
    * Events to fire Nuclear Nelly at The New Church were also missing and have been added.
    * Finished the text for the Vault 10 events that were already made.  It's possible for someone to play them after they spawn.
    * Arcangelus gave an analysis of Slavery Social tech tree vs Settler Social tech tree on Terranova.  Based on that, I have halved the free money from the higher Slavery techs and discovered a bug. I always intended the Settler techs to improve speed of constructing province improvements but I had used the wrong syntax on those commands. Corrected. Reduced the build time boni to unit construction for Settler techs to 10%. 
    * Added a new \map\colorscales.csv file and updated \db\country.csv to use it.
    * Found and fixed a bug in West BoS bunker events reported by Arcangelus in \db\events\west_bos.txt file.
    * The Six String Samurai event chain now includes music. I added an event to \db\events\general.txt file that allows a player to restore the sound track to normal.
    * Implemented updated Dead Island event file written by Arcangelus. Found and fixed a missing bracket in that file. Removed the hour command from all dates as DH team advise in their notes this command should be avoided.  Did some minor formatting clean up. Updated some event descriptions. Reduced the money to restore the Dead Island Bases from 1500 to 1000 and added a trigger condition to check that the controlling nation has the 10000 supplies needed. Fixed some minor spelling mistakes in text for Dead Islands events.
    * Increased the nations who can start searching for Vault 10 due to their location.  These are now: NCR, Hub, West BoS, Necropolis, Reservation, New Reno, Broken Hills.
    * Merged in the updated General.txt event file that Arcangelus did.  Made some alterations also.
    * Moved Caesar's Legion to Arizona and New Mexico.  They now hold Tucson, Yuma and Silver City.  Made Louisville and Nashville Wastelands provinces.  Changed resources and buildings accordingly.  Expanded their starting army.
    * Expanded Junkers to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, Syracuse. Expanded their starting army and buffed them slightly.
    * Added new event commands to The Huns, The Vipers, Caesar's Legion, Den, Mexican Raiders to space out repeating slaving events, with Begri's help.
    * Updated AI files for Caesar's Legion, Junkers, Former USA, RCC, East BoS, Reavers, Manitou Tribes, Harlequins, Kurtz's Camp, The Vipers, NCR, Hub, Reservation, Mexican Raiders, Robot Nation to cater for new locations of Caesar's Legion and Junkers.  Tweaked some espionage, friend, enemy, embargo and some military settings.
    * Junkers will now research and build air interceptors if possible, as several references are made to them recovering and selling air technology.
    * Made Royal Canadian Commonwealth and Former USA more hostile to each other. 
    * Caesar's Legion has the desire to conquer the Reservation.
    * Made Eastern BoS friendly to Reavers and RCC and neutral to Former USA in AI files and nation setup files. Removed the dislike of West BoS.
    * Made Reavers and Kansas Free State somewhat friendly to each other and they will try to protect each other.
    * Manitou Tribes will now try to spy less.  It is quite friendly to Kansas Free State and Harlequins, neutral to the Reavers, and very hostile to Spiders and The New Church.
    * A nasty Robot Nation now will be friendly to Enclave.  Mainframe has some deep programming that recognises the authority of the 
    * Updated \db\events\rebels.txt and \db\revolt.txt to cater for new locations of Caesar's Legion and Junkers.  Also added The Glow as a revolter nation in case it gets conquered somehow and needs to be released.
    * Updated \config\scenario_text.csv file with some slight changes due to the changed locations of CL and Junkers.
    * Adjusted some RCC events slightly. RCC will now likely betray Dark Cathedral as soon as the Former USA is crushed.
    * Changed Caesar's Legion slaving events, of course. They now target nations around them with the exception of raiders and Robot Nation. Added a Ranger Reprisal event to NCR and the corresponding Rangers Strike Back event to Caesar's Legion.
    * Removed the previous secret deal events for FUSA to cave in to demands by Caesar's Legion. Adjusted event files so that Junkers now declare war on FUSA when the civil war with DC happens. They will also back down if one is defeated or the two combatants make peace.
    * Made a change to \db\events\rebels.txt file to ensure any player nation is advised of what Marauder spawns are happening.
    * I darkened the following UI image to show the yellow text more clearly: \gfx\interface\sidebar_bg.bmp.
    * Implemented the new version of the \db\events\gaining_control.txt file that Arcangelus and Begri made. This is greatly streamlined and includes several provinces that were previously missed.
    * Implemented the new version of \db\events\X_Marks_The_Spot_Alpha.txt submitted by Arcangelus. This used new DH event commands to make the file smaller and more efficient. I made some adjustments. I find that events triggered by other events which have no nation tag do not fire. Therefore I added a line with TAG = { ... } with all nation tags inside. Also, I reduced the chance of finding the God Machine to increase the chance of finding treasures in Regina and made some other minor changes.
    * Implemented Arcangelus fix for Wastelands building troops.
    * Updated \db\events.txt file to no longer use the sleeping_flags.txt event file.  The new file Arcangelus and Begri made means this is no longer needed.
    * Updated the Remove_1936.bat file to also remove the old Wastelands control files. This batch file uses a dos utility called sleep.exe for delays in displaying the text. I scanned this file with an antivirus scanner.
    * Added a fix by Arcangelus to \db\events\robot_nation.txt event file to load correct AI files.
    * Added the fixes for end game alliances and merged some some of the other changes made by Arcangelus to \db\events\end_game.txt event file.  I added some text for the Reavers event.
    * Slight edit to West Bos event file from Arcangelus work. I had already fixed mismatched province IDs.
    * Tried again to force the notification events for wasteland rebel spawn to work. This is in \db\events\rebels.txt.  I want these events to fire so a player is advised of what is happening in the initial 2245 marauder spawns in waves. There is also Wasteland_Revolt event file which has events for many provinces that cause a rebellion 30% of the time every two months.
    * Added the first event on Wanamingos for Redding.
    * Added Logistics to Hub tech team Hub Military Military Council. Made slight spelling change for two Hub tech teams.
    * Checked \db\events\Wasteland_Revolt.txt event file. It includes Midway Island and the other islands in the western ocean that are in the mod. Added some comments.
    * Added events for Hub to assist the war between Western Brotherhood of Steel and Kurtz's Camp. They can either allow military access to the Brotherhood or do that and also declare war on Kurtz.
    * Added an event to explain the population of the Wastelands in this mod.
    * Removed the two rebel air units via event for Former USA. Added them to Dark Cathedral via event. Stops the clever player exploit of moving them from New York air base prior to the rebellion.
    * Added an event to West_Politics.txt event file for western nations to watch each other as to whether any one of them declares war on Redding.  It lasts till end of 2248 and if any nation is not at war, does not have an alliance or non aggression pact with the offender, it will declare war with the offender.
    * Removed the hour command from time settings on events in event files as I spotted them. Event command notes explain this command is not recommended.
    * Added events to Nations.txt event file that raise AI aggressiveness should a player control 120 victory points.
    * Can't remember when I did it but Basic Atomic Plant allows production of nukes.
    * Reduced soft attack of the three models of Zeppelin Bombers to 20/24/26. Fixed a bug with range for third model of Zeppelin Bombers so it now has range 3000.
    * Increased range of three models of naval transport to 2000/2600/3200.  Decreased speed of first two models to 6 and 12.
    * Made changes in \db\misc.txt to upgrade cost and time from 0.75 to 0.55.  Adding up how minister effects and domestic sliders work, this figure should be more inline with my imagination on the speed and cost of upgrades when compared to production costs.  I have now done some analysis of production vs upgrade costs assuming maximum private economy slider and maximum draft army vs maximum professional army.  It becomes very interesting.  Draft vs Professional army, both with maximum free market, have the following: 30% Production cost and time (maximum serial production bonus) with 80% upgrade cost and time, 50% Production cost and time (max serial production bonus) with 35% upgrade cost and time.
    * Found a crash bug with slaver nation events to hire special mercenaries. If they have no capital, an event would fire that tried to used an add_corps event with 1 =1 parameter instead of a province location.  As I find out, this is not supported by the game engine. Removed this line from the event files of the seven Slavers' Guild nations. Instead, the mercenary battalions will simply go to the force pool.
    * After watching videos on Liberty Prime swatting Vertibirds out of the air with its laser, I've increased the AA attack of Pacifier Robots from 5 to 7 and the AA attack of Behemoths from 7 to 10.  This is in \db\units\divisions\light_armor.txt file.
    * Added some appropriate music to events to hire the Northwind Highlanders if they fire for a player nation.
    * Found there was a duplicate event for NCR to lead the American Unity if FUSA falls in \db\events\end_game.txt file. Removed it.
    * Found and fixed a bug in end war sequence in \db\events\polar_station_zeta.txt file.
    Version:		Release 2.0.10
    Date:			23/09/2012
    Name:			Fallout's DoomsDay
    * I had missed the updated \db\revolt.txt file which caters for new locations of nations. Added.
    * I found that the airnames.csv and armynames.csv files in my mod installation were newer than my master files.  So I copied them into the master and added to this release. Who knows if there were any changes I made?
    * I added settings to Caesar's Legion AI file to target more capitals and powerful provinces in nearby nations. I added some settings to resist influence by NCR. I made them have a switching AI file so they will initially be hostile to Reservation then become hostile to NCR.
    * There was a bug in the event "Baby's Been a Bad, Bad Boy" for Former USA. It wrongly detected the loss of two air units which are deliberately destroyed via event and given via event to the Dark Cathedral. Fixed.
    Version:		Release 2.0.11
    Date:			29/12/2013
    Name:			Fallout's DoomsDay
    * nomercy81 identified a bug in Six String Samurai event chain.  Fixed.
    * Removed the old \db\events\gaining_control folder from the release archive file.
    * Removed the old \scenarios\1936 folder from the release archive file.
    * I had made some edit to Harlequins startup file but can't remember what it is. Added new file to release anyway.
    * Caesar's Legion and Junkers no longer guarantee each other. Thanks Arcangelus.
    * Added events to take control of Louisville and Nashville now that they belong to the Wastelands in \db\events\gaining_control.txt file.
    * Updated the scenario text for Caesar's Legion to be more accurate now that this faction is being aligned to Fallout New Vegas canon.
    * I also added some fun reference to time travel in Caesar's Legion scenario text as the nation is fully fledged in 2245 AD which does not match canon.
    * Reduced Fishing Boats to from Speed 6 to Speed 2 and their range from 2000 to 1500.
    * Changed the three models of Attack Choppers as follows: Range 400/500/600, Soft Attack 20/24/26.
    * Changed the three models of Zeppelin Bombers as follow: Soft Attack 14/17/20.
    * Made some changes to Robot Nation event dates. Also increased the chance of beneficial event called Digital Epiphany. 
    * I reduced the manpower loss for Slaving Raid event from 4 to 2 for Robot Nation.  This accounts for the reduced manpower pool they have. There are many people living in Robot Nation lands but they don't generally serve the robots as available military recruits.
    * Added a fun reference to the Darkest Hour team in the general event Paradox's Curse - Free Resources.
    * Shortened the option text for several General events so the text fits on the button in-game.
    * Found and fixed a bug with the range for the more advanced models of Prop Fighters.
    * The Tadziomencel outcome events from Tragic the Gathering event pool would continue to fire and this was unbalancing. I've altered that event chain so that each outcome event only happens once.
    * Added event for NCR done by Keynes2.0 about Princess' Bride.
    * Added the rest of the West Bering Sea ocean provinces.
    * Added Mid-Pacific Mountains ocean provinces. Also included Wake Island and Marcus Island.
    * Moved the ability to build airbases from Airpower technology Advanced Tests to Flight Tests.
    * Increased the model progression number by one for the existing three models of Prop Fighters (model type 12). 
    * This allowed room to add new model 0 unit: Gliders. Only useful for scouting, very cheap, weak defense, one point of soft attack, slow and short range.
    * Airpower technology Powered Flight activates this new unit.
    * Updated the model number of starting Prop Fighter units for NCR, West BoS and FUSA in their nation inc files.
    * Moved the ability to do naval strikes from Advanced Tests to Air Implications.
    * Reduced the boni to air unit Organisation and Morale within Advanced Tests from plus five to plus one.
    * Added these same boni to Air Implications.
    * Increased starting manpower in Redding from 6 to 12. They are a booming town and the increased manpower might be needed...
    * There was a mistake in starting Redding forces where a unit called Redding Runaways was listed as a professional mercenary unit. This is changed to another unit of Irregulars and a battalion of professional mercs added.
    * While working with Redding, I noticed I had better pictures for their leaders and ministers so I've updated a number of those.
    * Some tiny edits to some event file comments.
    * Amended Enclave as per Gukpa's idea after consideration. Outwardly, the Enclave preaches "land of the free", individualism and market capitalism.  'Oh, and change Enclave industrial tecnology to pioneers. They have prisioners, but do not slaves.' This meant a change to their inc file but no change needed to their AI files.
    * Added an introductory event which sets a flag that switches off the X-files and Six String Samurai event chains. On request of the old ghoul Gukpa! This meant changes to random.txt and general.txt event files. The event is called "Bah, Hollywood is Stupid!".
    * Added several events for ACE medical computer and AI used by West BoS.
    * Added four new division pictures for The New Church irregulars made by Brother Robert (nuns with guns, Saint Helena's Battle Sisters).
    * Updated the pictures for several brigades that weren't very good.
    * Updated credits.
    * Updated some ingame text in \config\text.csv file.
    * Updated the text for some the Former USA events. Increased the industrial penalty for calling up the National Guard. Added an event to explain the Capital Wastelands.
    * Fixed the starting port for RCC naval transports.
    * Updated the leader and tech team pictures for Scribe Haranin in West BoS to something much better.
    * Increased the skill level of West BoS tech team Senior Retainers from 2 to 3 to make it more worth using them when they have other teams without those specialities but at skill level 6 or 7.
    * Added new battalion detail screen pictures done by Messenger, which include nation specific ones. I also did some myself to fill in gaps or replace sub standard pictures.
    * On discussion with Messenger, I upgraded the Reavers starting Industry technologies and also gave them Attachment tech Laser Weapons. This fits their background better as tech scavengers and hoarders.
    * Added Messenger's nation start up changes which tweak starting forces, adding some more advanced units and attachments for many nations.  Many starting units also got more characterful names.
    * Improved most tech teams for Reavers from skill level 2 to skill level 3.  Added some additional leaders for them and gave them more Wastelands leaders to lead Irregulars, Scouts, etc.
    * Some of the Reavers leader picture were green style which clashed with the others, so I replaced those with ones of a more consistent style.
    * There was too much overlap with Reavers technology team Science Department and Tech Priesthood.  Changed its name to Technology Temple and made it focus on computing. Added Chemistry to Tech Priesthood team.
    * Update the technology specialisations for most of the armoured units. I removed the prior Wastelands Survival items which don't fit, and made mechanics more important for these technologies.
    * Updated the model picture for Giant Spiders to something better.
    * Fixed a bug with naval base for an RCC transport.
    * Found some extra FUSA events which used the hour parameter in the time and date trigger.  Removed this as notes say it is not recommended to use.
    * Replaced the picture for model 0 engineer attachment.  The previous picture was one of the first I made but it needed an update.
    * Seeing the picture for Vault City model 0 motorbike scouts in action, it was terrible.  Changed the picture to something better.
    * Added some nation specific attachment pictures.
    * Set debug and found and fixed a bug in one event ID inside \db\events\gaining_control.txt file.
    * Added event by Arcangelus for NCR, Enclave, BoS to capture Washington DC and make it their capital. Picture provided by Gukpa.  New East_Politics.txt event file.
    * Reviewed event files general.txt and random.txt. Found some additional events which will be prevented by choosing the option to disable pop culture in the event "Bah, Hollywood is Stupid!".
    * Reduced the supply trigger and supply cost in random event "The Holy Grail". It only gives a technology blueprint, therefore the cost was too high.
    * Altered ministers for Caesar's Legion and leaders, including changed pictures.  They are now more compliant with Fallout 3 New Vegas.
    * Adjusted the economics of slavery in Slavers'_guild.txt event file. Manpower now has a defined value balanced to IC days for money and supplies.
    * Also removed the hour parameter from date triggers in slavers'_guild.txt file. 
    * Added new \map\colorscales.csv file provided by Brother Paladin Robert. Adjusted some nation colors according to that in \db\country.csv file.
    * Added pictures for Hub done by Brother Paladin Robert. Updated the ministers file. Two main cabinets, added one Air Minister and one Sea Minister that appear in mid game. Updated the leaders file, added several leaders, adjusted statistics and ranks of some leaders. Hub now has a few higher rank land leaders at the start.
    * Added Brother Robert's additional famous quotes. I had to shorten many of them to display properly given the wide font.
    * Added some of Robert's new shields and flags. It was a tough call, but I kept some of the current mod ones.
    * Based on text in the Redding Wanamingo chain, made Chris Gannon start at rank General to lead Redding forces.
    * Fixed a bug with East BoS air leader Pennington.
    * Added event commands to ensure the slaving events don't all fire on save game reload. Following nation event files updated: Caesar's Legion, Den, Mexican Raiders, The Huns, The Vipers. Then I spotted a bug and fixed them again. :-) Same with events for Slavers' Guild dues.
    * Added music to events for hiring Natasha's Black Widows mercenaries.  Applies to the seven Slavers' Guild nations.
    * Added music to West BoS event for recovering lost technology.
    * Dropped the supply cost to create the Thunderdome.
    * Added large event pool for Redding relating to the Great Wanamingo Mine.  It also affects event files for West BoS, NCR and Den.  Adjusted Redding nation startup file and created an AI file for use if they align to the Slavers' Guild.  The event pool includes custom music.
    * I had to rewrite a lot of the text for the Redding Wanamingo chain which was too long to display in the event window.
    * Added many wonderful new unit graphics done by Brother Halan.
    * Added US national anthem as a song to an early event for FUSA.
    * Converted more leaders to Wastelands Leader trait in Redding.
    * Found and fixed a bug with Pioneer minister Aldo. Typo in picture settings in ministers_SCH.csv file.
    * Updated conditions on Redding - Pioneers mutual help events in west_politics.txt event file.  They won't send aid if they are already allied.
    * Added new content for Mexican Raiders done by Brother Robert. It includes new flag, shield, new leader and minister pictures, new tech teams, and some new events. It was half finished so I altered it and completed the work.  
    * The possible minister cabinets for Mexican Raiders have been reworked but this nation can never become humane so alternate cabinets for humane government types are not present. 
    * Completed and extended the Mexican Raider Myron kidnapping events to Den and New Reno. New Reno can react in various ways.
    * Reworded some of the Mexican Raider Zorro events to read better.  Adjusted the outcomes so Mexican Raiders are less penalised by El Zorro's strikes against them and increased the chance to pick up his trail.
    * Updated some other miscellaneous event text.
    * Halved the belligerence increase from +6 to +3 for players who choose Ambitious trait. They generally have high Intervention domestic slider anyway, which means belligerence doesn't decrease.
    * Added a trigger check to Tendrils of Corruption event for Mexican Raiders that checks whether NROM still exists.
    * Implemented Messenger's flavourful descriptions of units.
    * Added some missing text for Wasteland province control events.
    * Added some missing event text labels.
    * Renamed Denver to Dog City.
    * Changed the picture for FUS National Guard event.
    * Doubled the terrain boni of land doctrine technology Terrain Ambush.
    * Added Augustus Autumn as a leader that will rise to command rank in 2255 for Enclave.
    * Found a famous quote that was too long to display properly so I shortened it.
    * Updated West BoS bunker events so they won't all fire on loading a save game. This meant updating event files for: Hub, Redding, Pioneer Alliance, Shi Empire, New Arroyo, New Reno and Den.  Added a trigger check so that these nations won't agree to keep the bunkers open if they are at war with West BoS.
    * I forgot to add the events for Slave revolts and for hiring special mercenaries to Redding if they get help from Den with Wanamingos and join the Slavers' Guild.  Added those.  There is a problem with the command { type = revolt which = -1 } which means the slave revolt events are not working as intended.  Hopefully it will work with the new map or I'll have to manually spawn rebels in specific provinces.
    * Added Reavers to list of nations which have their access rights cancelled when Vault 10 spawns.

    Brother Paladin Sword
    Last edited by SwordOfJustice; 10-11-2014 at 12:12. Reason: Extra patches
    Enter the Wastelands - Fallout's Doomsday Mod for Darkest Hour
    Link: Paradox Forum Thread
    Link: FODD on MODDB website

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    Looking forward to it. Had many hours of fun hearts of iron 2 with your mod. And will be good with man many more in darkest hour and this mod

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    Really loved the fallout mod. looking forward to the update.

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    Never played the previous version of this mod, but will definitely try the DH version once completed
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    Oh this is great....Love this mod

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    Great! Any screenshots, you can post?

    GOTT MIT UNS! Rise of the Black Eagle! [DEAD] (Prussia: Victoria 2)


    SEXIICOLOURS 1.3! for Victoria II. Want a better more historic country colour scheme? Sick of Prussia being yellow? isn't Prussian Blue much better:P

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    Nothing to share yet. Although stay tuned, the Mod Slave's working, OR ELSE...

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    Any news?

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    1.1 for Arma has just been released, so the DH version should be ready within a month or so.

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    Do the map edits I made in California work with DH?
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    Why not simply using the new DH map?

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    Quote Originally Posted by keynes2.0 View Post
    Do the map edits I made in California work with DH?
    They should, as there are mods using the old map under DH. But those are just simple ports and don't usually make use of DH features.

    Why not simply using the new DH map?
    Even the DH map isn't detailed enough for Fallout. If you guys ask me, we need a third version of North America. But I'm only a Tragic with occasional contribution, so this is up to Sword.

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    Have just read through the Children of the Vault AAR. Interesting! Will be following this closely.

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    I'd be interested in doing a more detailed, larger version of north america but I don't think I could capture the feel of the natural feel of the DH provinces.

    One idea that intrigues me is that because the DH movement is delinked from graphical size we could disort the map to emphasize some areas and de-emphasize others. For example we could consolidate shrink the Atlantic and Pacific territories to free up space for North America without actually needing to change the width of the oceans. We could even go for a medieval map feel by making things heavily distorted but accurately drawn in settled areas and inaccurate in the wilderness. So we get a big California with space for all the factions but Montana gets shrunk.
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    cool idea. Just one idea, you should maintain the continental shape in general, or it will be hell to add topographic mapfeatures.
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    I would suggest to use the DH feature to lower the IC for tech team.
    For example if only 20-30 IC is required for 5 teach teams you can represent the fact that NCR has a lot of IC and manpower more than Westbros (It is the end of Fallout 2...NCR = 700000 population....ok not exactly since the Hub is out but I would say half million people) but still Westbros can research better.

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    That's a good idea. Or the IC requirement could just be scrapped entirely. Everyone could get say 3 tech teams regardless of IC. That way it would be tech team skills that determine who is advanced and who is not.
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    I was banned for expressing myself.,Sweden
    Looking forward to this

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    Quote Originally Posted by keynes2.0 View Post
    That's a good idea. Or the IC requirement could just be scrapped entirely. Everyone could get say 3 tech teams regardless of IC. That way it would be tech team skills that determine who is advanced and who is not.
    It would be very interesting if you play the Spiders of Miami. You have three space but only one tech team...if you expand you will unlock the teams...but if you don't your tech will be greatly surpassed by other countries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vota dc View Post
    It would be very interesting if you play the Spiders of Miami. You have three space but only one tech team...if you expand you will unlock the teams...but if you don't your tech will be greatly surpassed by other countries.
    Yeah, we need spider sience! Sword would love this idea. As a huge tech fan, I think I'll be messing with the topic to make things even more fun. Just have patience!

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