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Thread: Darkest Hour Feedback Thread

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    1.Will you be able to play more of DH and post more feedback?

    Sure, no problem from me.

    2.BTW how is the Pacific Theatre working? Is the JAP AI any good? Is the US AI active? Is China still alive by 1941?

    I have only played as Japan in 1936, and it was only a little of time, so I need more time playing the game to tell you about this. Expect update around Tuesday or so, when I have free time to play the whole campaign again. Sorry about this.

    3. Saberger, have you seen AI concentrating their tank divs for assault or is AI spreading their armor and use it for anti-rebel missions?

    Both. Germany used some tank divisions to quell the rebel in Smolensk when I played as Japan. And when you talk about Russia, there's a time when they concentrate their tank forces around Hungary's provinces.

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    Another feedback session is great news!

    Next time when you play as japan please focus on the war against US and allies, dont bother too much about china. What would be interesting is to see how the AI will defend the colonies and how USA will try to beat you.

    How did AI russia act during its wars?

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    Guys, this is not a Q&A session. You had two already.
    Plus, you are going to have 2 preview AARs published on this forum as well as many reviews/previews scheduled in other magazines/websites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fernando Torres View Post
    Guys, this is not a Q&A session. You had two already.
    Plus, you are going to have 2 preview AARs published on this forum as well as many reviews/previews scheduled in other magazines/websites.
    he says he doesn't mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kung Zog View Post
    he says he doesn't mind

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    How is the AI performing on amphibious operations?

    Got any examples (maybe a D-Day?)

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    I'm not sure I like that 100:16 divisions thingy. If I have to have huge numerical superiority just to win against Poland as Germany, than something is wrong...

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    4:1? that seems way too hard, i don't care if its realistic or not that will just fully make the game not fun at all >

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    This thread makes me want to have Dh more than ever ... and makes me feel sad about DH not being combined with AoD as well.
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    Are there many NEW Tech Teams?

    Can you look over some minors, and say how they have been, or haven't been upgraded in this regard?
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