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    all of the ancient civilizations wanted to put all of the world under their control. i originally speculated it would be alexander, now i really hope it will be a MUCH bigger game. I want to see Egypt, Greece, Sumeria, Babylon, Persia, Judea, Hittites, Macedonians, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RorySheen View Post
    But on that basis... the British Empire was bigger, swords were used and the sun never set on the British Empire...
    (But Sweden would be there...)
    1. The British were a disperate empire. The Mongol Empire had a larger area; Mongols just didn't spread it around.
    2. They never met the Swedish, as the .gif shows.

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    probably Alexander, but a Mongolian empire game would be more interesting.

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    So, it's Japan?
    That is, assuming the 'world' is the map.

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    I hope it isn't an Alexander game or Ancient Greece or whatever since i can see that period being easily covered by EU : Rome and would rather Rome itself got another expansion with the ideas of Alexander with the rest being included in the Rome game instead of having two separate games which would be very similar to each other.

    I myself think its Japan or the East and i hope it is, be it Japan with the goal being you start out as a clan and try to unify it aka conquering the map or The Three Kingdoms era.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabezaestufa View Post
    Guys, I think what Johan might be really trying to tell us with this hint is simply that this is in fact a grand strategy game and not some weird new thing like an online game or whatever. Maybe we are looking too much into it.
    Yes, that's a good point. Until now, people were wondering about some kind of strange game like roleplaying, first person shooter, or a simulator of something. I think you are right, when they said "thing that they never tried before", that wasn't so extrem. I'm on wikipedia for checking things they did, and they did a game about ACW, Chariots of War was a game about the Ancient World in which the Hittite were. They did a game called Elven Legacy, about a fantasy world.

    All that left is pretty much what I was wondering : Dark Age, that surprisingly never caught their attention, Japan, Alexander, and why not something about America? But the last one is just very unlikely. Conquering the world as Aztecs?
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    Wasn't Aegememnon's crest the Medusa Sun? Could it be the Battle of Troy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duzaroo View Post
    Wasn't Aegememnon's crest the Medusa Sun? Could it be the Battle of Troy?
    Only on the Paradox forums would such a comment show up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by humancalculator View Post
    Only on the Paradox forums would such a comment show up.
    We're a very literate bunch.......Add something witty here...

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    I'm very surprised no one has considered an alternate history game.
    I could do that with my eyes tied behind my back!

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    People, you are forgetting that Japanese officers carried ceremonial swords into WWII! Clearly, this is a naval battle simulator about the Japanese empire in WWII
    -There will be swords
    -The empire of the rising sun will shine
    -We have the goal of trying to conquer the (civilized; i.e. pacific rim) world
    -Sweden will not be on the map
    -It will not be a sequel/expansion

    There can be no other explanation, clearly this must be what he is getting at. But on the astronomically small chance that I'm wrong, I hope it's a strategy game about greece pre-Macedonian invasion. There would be swords, the sun shining at the battle of Themopylae, no Sweden, conquering the world by force or guile and it would be a new game.
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    Remember, guys, he said "The World".

    This doesn't necessarily mean "The Earth".

    Sci-fi, Johan?

    EDIT: Or fantasy.
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