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Thread: Immigration Issues: Brazil

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    Immigration Issues: Brazil

    Recently, I started a game as Brazil and played it for about 50 years game time. My understanding of immigration is from Vic1: country with best plurality, reforms, and job availibility will get the most immigration (precioius metal provinces help too).

    This same tactic did not seem to work at all in my Brazil game in Vic2. Over the course of the games timeframe, I had near max plurality for much of the 50 years and all political reforms were near max within about 15 years.
    I only recieved 88 immigrants once, from France.

    My issue is this: I can't seem t make heads or tails of the way immigrants pick a country in this game. It would seem that none of the same tactics work in vic2; to add even more frustration, loading up other countries showed large immigration growth; Chile, Uruguay, the USA naturally all had high immigration but nowhere near the reforms and plurality I had.
    I'm utterly dumbfounded.

    How am I supposed to get immigrants in this game....?

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    The USA is a Democracy, I'm not sure if Chile is at the start, but the migration target is heavily biased towards Democracies, which Brazil isn't.

    The example below is from the craftsmen pop file, an American Democracy has factor of 9, Brazil being an American HMS government has a factor of 4, all other things being equal.
    country_migration_target =
    	factor = 1
    	modifier = {
    		factor = 0
    		NOT = {
    			work_available = {
    				worker = craftsmen 
    	modifier = {
    		factor = 0.1
    		unemployment = 0.1
    	modifier = {
    		factor = 2.0
    		has_pop_culture = THIS
    	modifier = {
    		factor = 5.0
    		government = democracy
    	modifier = {
    		factor = 4.0
    		OR = { 
    			continent = north_america
    			continent = south_america

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    I always thought one of the reasons Brazil was preferred to a lot of the other Latin American states was that its monarchy was a symbol of stability, as opposed to the rest of Latin America, suggesting that perhaps the modifier for HMS' Government should be a lot higher, esp. for conservative POPs. Portuguese POPs should also get a massive bonus to go to Brazil.

    EDIT: Come to think of it, one of my best friends is Brazilian, and I could ask her for reasons why her family chose Brazil over other countries.

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    I know VRRP, the only mod I play, lessened Democracies raw advantage. I'd add HMS as a modifier myself personally, since a HMS Government is a democracy with a monarch. In game we may exercise the right to choose the ruling party, but in reality those powers have very rarely been exercised.

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    Brazilian Immigration

    I'll start my first post with Brazilian history. The Brazil received far fewer immigrants than the United States. In the second sentence of Victoria, something around 5 to 6 million immigrants came to Brazil. Mostly Portuguese and Italian. But the difference that in Brazil the first immigrants had more than 10 children. Today 30 million Brazilians are of Italian descent.

    The Brazil has had four great waves of immigrants. The first occurred between 1820-1876, when more than 300,000 immigrants came with the goal of colonizing the interior of Brazil. Of these 45% were Portuguese and 12% German. The second occurred between 1877-1903. After the end of slavery nearly 2 million immigrants mostly Italians (1.4 million) arrived to work in farms and mines in Brazil. The southern region and São Paulo concentrated the majority of migrants. The third wave occurred after the decree Prinetti (1902) that subsidized immigration to Brazil between 1904-1930. During this period more than 2 million people immigrated to Brazil. Most Portuguese (38%) and Spaniards (22%). Also came the Poles, Germans, Jews and Lebanese. The last period (1931-1964) was marked by the migration to big cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. 40% were Portuguese and 13% were Japanese. At that time came one million immigrants.

    In the game, Brazilian immigration is incorrect. Not being a monarchical country that will not welcome immigrants, but by conditions or decrees that this country offers.

    Postscriptum: At Brazil there are also American immigrants! They came after the American Civil War and settled in the state of Sao Paulo

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    I'm Brazilian. But my grandparents (father's side) were Italian and came to the small settlements of farmers in southern Brazil. My grandparents (mother's side) were Poles and Ukrainians, who migrated attracted by Brazilian immigration policy in the early 20th century.

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