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    Deus Ex fans are insane. I know because I'm one of them. If Deus Ex 3 isn't exactly the same as Deus Ex 1, possibly with slightly prettier graphics and more fluid animation, we will go batshit. I might mail someone my left ear. I'm getting angry just thinking about the notion of a game that isn't Deus Ex to the letter. We're all like this, Deus Ex broke our brain in some fundamental way that renders us unable to appreciate anything else without that dark caveat lurking at the back of our minds: "This isn't Deus Ex." Crysis isn't Deus Ex. Stalker isn't Deus Ex. Bioshock isn't Deus Ex. Deus Ex 2 isn't Deus Ex. When Jesus Christ himself returns to save every one of our souls, there'll be a grouchy huddle of pallid nerds muttering "Eh, he's no Deus Ex." -Tom Francis

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    I for one believe there are not many periods left for a new game. Bronze age or Dark ages are not well suited for a grand strategy game. So I actually would guess a game that takes place in an already covered period, but focusing on another aspect of gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romtos View Post
    I'd love a MDS game where you have to maneuvre the diplomatic scene of modern politics and international institutions with a very occasional war.
    Yeah me too.

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    Project Glory sounds a lot like a game in the Middle Ages but then again CK is covering parts of this time so it's probably unlikely.
    An ancient Greek/Hellenistic game would be nice - fighting the Peloponnesian War, leading the Greeks to domination over Persia, ... - but I think this is highly unlikely, too, as a game in this setting would probably sell way too bad.
    I'd also like a post-WWII (sandbox-)game.

    Probably most of all I want to see a proper WWI game (I doubt Clausewitz is the right engine for HoI-like wargames though, as I never really enjoyed a HoI3 campaign so far. But I would be glad to be proven wrong by this game or the upcoming HoI3 addon ).

    I really, really (really!) hope it's not an ACW nor a fantasy game, could live with a science fiction game, though.

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    A grand strategy game that covers the period 434 - 1066?

    If not, I hope for a Nomadic Wenches Dating Simulator.
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    Project Glory. You start off as a 14 year old programming games on a clapped out PC (Or on extra hard level an old Sinclair Spectrum) and have to slowly build up to create a leading strategy game software house. (You score extra points for every DLC package you sale )
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    Sooo many options that I can't even bother starting to guess.

    I'm waiting!
    Shōgun ni naritai! Sword of the Samurai AAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRalphWiggum View Post
    It's a gaelic football management sim set in the Roman era
    Take out the Roman bit and I would definitely buy that. Paradox, make it so!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cabezaestufa
    Looking forward playing against Djurgården in the Champions League final and trying to defeat the unbeatable Swedish in the World cup
    I admit it, I laughed aloud at that. Well done sir
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    I want to terraform mars and have long time plans for Venus

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    Will it be an Hanseatic League game?

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    Whatever it is I think I'm going to love it as I wouldn't mind a game set in any of the time-periods that are available and not covered by the other games.

    A game set in the ancient world (I mean really ancient: with a map stretching from celtic Europe to early China; Egypt,Babylon,Assyria,and the sea peoples fighting for power in the fertile crescent,for instance!) would be incredible,but also very unlikely. Likely and also very welcome would be a game set in the modern world: picking up from where HoI left off. Don't think it will be a game covering a narrow period of history or a regionalized conflict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by th3freakie View Post
    Will it be an Hanseatic League game?
    Paradox Patrician? Interesting concept
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    Quote Originally Posted by th3freakie View Post
    Will it be an Hanseatic League game?
    Do want.

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    A move into the portable game market? Grand strategy on the go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seli View Post
    A move into the portable game market? Grand strategy on the go?

    Always PC!
    Every empire will fall
    Every monument crumble
    Forgotten men who watch the centuries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seli View Post
    A move into the portable game market? Grand strategy on the go?
    As much as that would be awesome, I don't think this will be it. Johan said it'll be a completely new game; probably that means it's not a portable version of one of the existing games.

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    I think it's a modern day game.

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    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes a new in house game!

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    Glory sounds medieval... well... it can't be medieval.
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    Paradox relly need to start making more games itself.

    Aside from the Big Four, Sword of the Stars, Supreme Ruler, Diplomacy and (maybe) Master of Orion 4 and a few simulations, Paradox hasnt really got that many games.

    I'm thinking either:
    1) A modern day/near future game from 1947-2200
    2) A 666 year dark age Europa Universalis from 400AD to 1066AD
    3) A Fantasy strategy game
    4) A Sci-Fi Strategy game
    5) A Sci-Fi RPG
    6) A Fantasy RPG

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