Cities in Motion Welcome

Welcome to the Cities in Motion forum. Please take the time to read through the thread titles on the first page or two of the forum before beginning a new thread on a topic. Chances are that there will already be a recently-active thread on the same subject already. Post your comment there, and please only start a new thread for a new subject. If you start a new thread and it "disappears", chances are that is was merged with an already-existing thread on the same subject.

Spam: After the initial couple of days of excitement, we will be clamping down on spam. This is more in an effort to try to make the forum threads as readable as possible for people who are coming here to discuss things, or who are looking for information. A thread that's full of spam is going to make them give up and ask the same question that has already been answered but is buried under a dozen meaningless posts.

Language: This forum is an English-only forum. Please do not post in any other language than English. This is a forum visited by a wide variety of people, including many younger members and people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, profanity will not be tolerated, and you should take a moment before posting (or responding to a post) to ensure that something that might have annoyed you isn't simply a case of miscommunication as a product of the forum's diversity.

That said, we hope you enjoy your visit, and come back frequently for the latest news.