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Thread: Can you leave the Allies as Great Britain or kick nations out?

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    Can you leave the Allies as Great Britain or kick nations out?

    Well, while conquering Germany courtesy of them failing to complete the Atlantic Wall and forgetting about me because the Soviets have like a billion man army (I'm the U.K.), I got to annex some of Germany. I thought "I'm sure as hell not going to fight the Soviets yet and the U.S. is doing work in the Pacific, so I'm just going to sit for a while and build units and possibly attack Spain".

    Then randomly Danish units (their spawning HQ unit) some how then take two provinces from me close to me border (like one away from Kiel). Now that's war in my book and I honestly would love to invade and crush those fools, even if it's just a game bug. Anyway I can remove a nation from my faction, or leave myself? I wouldn't mind messing around with Guatemala because I know they were historically at odds with the U.K. over Belize


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    There's no way to do so in-game. You'll need to edit your save to remove them from the Allies faction.
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    As TheBromgrev said you cannot amend it unless you make a change in txt files

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    Do any of you guys know how to do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FroMcJoe View Post
    Do any of you guys know how to do this?
    Open up the save with a decent text editor and then do a search for the word "allies" from the bottom up, you should be able to work the rest out okay.

    Hope that helps.
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    Alright thanks. I'll try that.

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