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Thread: Rising Nations — Suggestions

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    Could you please increase the game speed? I've seen people owning all of europe before 1500 and people forming Germany in 1460! That's my only point of criticism for now ... oh wait one more: after germany lost ww1 they lost a bit of land where ratibor is located in EU3. Maybe you could create there this little particular province to increase third reich realism? ... so that's all I've to say ;D

    (oh btw maybe a few more provinces all over the world and a few more buildings would be nice but that may be too difficult to code :''(
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    RN 1.4 - Development Middle East 1.1

    my development of the mod
    -mainly focused on middle east
    -added all missing dynasties
    -added new genocide province decisions
    -add oil trade good
    -added some history
    -added arab and levantine nation decisions
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    just to inform people, i just updated some bugs on it

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    I got a "wish", it is that I want personal unions shoudnt brake all the time, and dont send insults, that is really annoying!

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    I cant download from the site

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    you know as a noob i havent had a chance to play this mod as i started with 4.1 and it doesnt really work well with it. Hopefully they will update it to run with DW as i plan to buy it when it comes to steam. anyway, i see this game as having alot of potential, ive played civilization since civ 2, and the game always start in 4000 bc. this game could take the ancient era (4000bc-0ad) and do so much with it. as this is the real "rise of nations" i would like to see a mod for EU3 that goes from 4000bc - 2050+ad. alot of work i realize. i have the eastern tales mod and i marvel at how well they have mapped the world, that takes some serious homework! i just think it would be cool to take sumeria or pharaonic egypt through to the modern age, you know. hopefully someone will take this to heart as i think it could be huge. Also how about using the mechanics of the Holy Roman Empire for a UN.
    Edit: read the rest of the thread and saw my idea minus the UN. as i have no modding experience with eu3 i really have no idea how much work it would be, i can only imagine, and well... thats alot of work! Maybe if the devs did it, they get paid for it and it would make a great epic game that much better!
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    thread too old, and to few ppl downloaded it - and cause i got no time anymore (school etc) and playing dw already - i cant upload it again cause i dont got the files myself.

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    i really hope that you adapt this game to divine wind soon because this game would be awesome on that

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    I think a good addition to this mod would be more North African history. It would be nice if Israel actually did hold Sinai at the correct time, the Egypt/Sudan border dispute shown, and Italian Libya with correct borders, among other things~ But of coarse for all of that we would need new provinces, like this (coulours are random, not necessarily the ones we would use, As you can see there is minor border changes, a new Sinai province, the bir Tawel triangle which is claimed bye no one, peopled bye few, the Hala 'ab claimed bye both Egypt and Sudan, 3 new Libyan provinces to show Anglo-French border disputes and Italian claims, afew Libyan ones to show colonization at different times, a Algerian province to show correct 1399 borders, and a Tunisian province to show the difference between pre-colonial Tunis and modern Tunisia.) And here is 1399 with grey being unclaimed, white not applicable.
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    Extending play time (DW)

    Hey, I'm playing DW and would like to extend the years I'm able to play, is there any way I can do this without a mod? I'm posing here because I saw that RN 1.4 let you play to 9999 so was hopeing one of you could help me (:

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    Go to your common folder.

    Click on "defines.txt"

    Edit the ending date to your liking.

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    This will make the game crash because there aren't any techs for post-1821
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    If I'm not mistaken, Puerto Rico should be a vassal of the US rather than being fully integrated into the country.

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    No it doesn't crash...I've played way past 1821, theres just no technological advancements past 1821....

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    Is it possible to get the monarch (for historical) back to the options again? I added on my own the historical monarchs of several countries in IN3.1 RN1.2. In DW its not available ( I hate random monarchs).

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    How about a 'nuke' option for when you're at war with someone; It destroys all buildings and depletes the population in the province, but you lose lots of prestige or something.

    - Cuba before Castro was a dictatorship, not a republic.
    -Also, there should be updates in the near future for the Arab Spring.
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    I can't imagine that would be easy to mod in. If such an idea were implemented, it would have to have severe drawbacks on the user, like a free cassus belli on them to every nation in the world, a massive prestige loss, stability losses, or something of that nature.

    The only way I can think of to implement the idea would be to make it a spy mission and add the effects from there.
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    American Socialist Nation

    Can anyone create the american socialist republic?I want to use it for my AAR.
    I think i already found a flag for it: http://api.ning.com/files/-gnfFqcAsN...amp;height=316
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