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Thread: "Nationality" game

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    "Nationality" game

    It is just the same thread as i did made before so the older one can be thrown to trash . I did the new because to have it clear of posts.

    I would want to play EU on MP still not having HTTT and divine wind keeps me from joining most games, so i suppose i have to organise one.

    I would want to at least 3 players not counting me join the game, can be more.

    Few rules :

    1 - No posting here. If anyone want to join then he need to send me pm. When game will start you can post AAR's and offers to other players (like peace deals - to make it quicker when in game) here. Until then only I or mod/admin can post here - i mean if it will be needed... No spamming please...
    2 - You shall not be stubborn - the only person that can be stubborn here is me XD - but not in peace deals but with rules. I mean if you want to join a game you have to agree to rules that I enforce. Also being too stubborn in peace deals would be not apreciated. But unless you control every province of other player he can refuse the peacedeal - it is same if you keep most of them and there is no army of this player anymore.
    3 - You shall not be rude - it meansm you can roleplay but it is a diplomatic game so use diplomatic language and skill. And don't be to agressive against players - that mean being mad for he winning the war with you is not a reason - it's just a game!
    4 - There are no lucky nations beyond me! - it means lucky nations are off...
    5 - There will be equal chances to equal nations! - this mean we will play on normal...
    6 - The rehosting will be annouced here - we will not wait longer than 30 minutes, and for normal we will wait only 10 minutes. 30 minutes will be just when something happens. If there will be not enough players to play we will just wait for next time to play.

    The game dates will be announced here when we speak it up :
    = First game = -


    Iwanow - France - i want to be the balance keeper - so that france do not become too big, as so other nations too .
    Heroic Flander - ?
    Propably : Ageofking - ?

    Place for maps:

    Place for saves:
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