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Thread: 2 player types: Pv everything and Pv nothing

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    Exclamation 2 player types: Pv everything and Pv nothing

    Because Training Hospital and Conquest complement each other focusing almost exclusively on them is an important strategy for PvE and especially PvP. Obviously a few people in a convergence will have this role for Warlord and Pvp island sake. However, because this strategy preferable for PvE yields, the opposite strategy arises: Spend almost as little as possible on Pv research and instead focus on resource and Dream buildings. Therefore a convergence that embraces these extremes will be more successful. Well I don't want to be the resource focused person and I bet no-one else does either. In fact i want to be the most advanced Pvp focused player at the forefront of Pvp. This last point is true even if my convergence expects me to PvE a medium amount.
    To solve this please allow players to have 2 accounts and label them as such in-game. Make both accounts always be in the same convergence. Unless there are better solutions? I am very sure real cheaters will be able to create and use multiple accounts for much worse effects.

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    well I can´t speak from a lot of experience, but even maxed out on the basic 3 plus a TOS still allows me to have 2 decent other buildings. If everybody in a CV has 2 extra buildings then the CV would be able to have all the resource and dreamX buildings at least 2 times....

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    Not sure if this wasnt changed recently, but iirc you are allowed to have more accounts, as long as they stay in single CV.

    But you'll eventually find out that having just resource account is not viable, as running 2 accounts from single income will put you way behind. The resources and crafts are supposed to be done in CV, its not a solo game

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    i agree with keeks. This game is VERY difficult on your own (not impossible) Also, we prefer NOT to have alternative accounts, but they are not banned (yet.)

    Also, it isn't very hard to be successful in multiple buildings...
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    Even if DT is right the order of filling buildings matters. And its possible to focus on building upgrades for space.
    Thx for info keeks. Selling resources is fun in beginning.
    How long until next era?

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    You also have to remember without the SS gains from PvE or PvP from the second account you wouldn't have any workers to
    put into your reource buildings and you wouldn't be able to progress. Currently our CV says you can do whatever you want as
    long as you have a resource building and contribute to the CV.

    Players pick their own roles apart from that as people are more than willing to fill a spot if we need it =)
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    How would i make a second account? I need to get the invite. Although maybe now that half of the era is over it might be pointless.

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