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Thread: A Collective Regime of Peace and Love - a KR Soviet Russia AAR

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    Oh my, I fear a great war between the socialists in the near future.

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    “Our struggle began with our great leader and father of the worker's revolution, Lenin, when he rose up against the Tsarists. Our great struggle from the Tsarists to the Finnish reationaries has now ended. Russia shall now have its long awaited rest. Peace has finally reigned, Proletarians!”
    - Chairman Nikolai Bukharin


    The Long Awaited Rest

    During Operations Frozen Mallet, Fluency, and Magnum; the Syndicalists have been busy on their own. With the complete defeat of Germany in their home ground, France now focuses on the other fronts. Italy and Iberia.

    By August 26, French forces have reached the western coast, touching the Adriatic, and encircle Milan. The besieged city was assaulted.

    On the other front, Madrid was under Communard control and almost all Carlist divisions were destroyed. The Communards have also reached the outskirts of Lisbon. The Iberians, as they call themselves, have reached Murcia and poised to strike the southern parts of Iberia.

    Milan was long captured, destroying a huge bulk of the North Italian army and the remaining Papist forces were sandwiched, defending only a strip from Florence to Rimini. The Pope first escaped to the Carlists, then to the Portuguese, and later on to Ireland. With their Holy Papa fled with his tail between his legs, the leadership dissolved and the North Italians surrendered to the Syndicalists. The captured lands from Genoa and Turin to the East were given to the South Italians. They also requested to the Austrians to cede Trento and Venice. They simply replied with a “no”.

    By September 22, Lisbon was captured by the Communards. Paris awarded Portugal to CNT-FAI. The Portuguese government surrendered and CNT-FAI integrated Portugal to the country now called 'Iberia'. The colony of East Timor, however, was occupied by the Dutch. The Syndicalists now exchange fire with the forgotten Spanish Royalists.

    In October 6, the Syndicalists have reached Gibraltar. Defeating the final opposition in Iberia. The land is now unified. France now find itself with two more borders unsecure.

    Aside from the front in North Africa, the war has ended for the Syndies. The fight against the British Royalists have no gain for them and the other adversaries are too far to make an effort. France and other Syndicalists countries went into self-repair mode as the war exhaustion is widespread among its population, similar to their former friends, the Soviets.


    Another Lenin Day has passed, yet this year would be a momentous one. Chairmans from all the Soviet nations have gathered in the Red Square in front of Lenin's mausoleum, for the birth of the 4th International. The 4th International would bring the dawn of a new age in Socialism. The rejection of the 3rd International and the false doctrines such as Syndicalism, Soft Socialism, and Fabian Socialism (or “Social Democracy”, as they call it).

    With the establishment of the breakaway organisation, the Soviets took it up a notch by creating a confederation-oriented political union. The goal would be to bring the Soviet nations closer than ever. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (or USSR) was born. The Soviet states still have control on their domestic issues, but the Grand Council, consists of the Chairmans and their People's Commissariats, would have to decide on bigger and common issues such as foreign policy and military.

    The formation of the grand council of the USSR

    All Pro-Moscow state have instantly joined the new USSR, except for one. Britain. There are reasons why Union of Britain refuses to join the Soviet Union. Mainly, they claim that they follow Mosley's Totalist doctrine not the Soviet doctrine. Also the CTU, as a British model, was vastly different to the Russian model. Therefore, Britain is incompatible to the USSR. This is, somehow, true. The problem wasn't really the ideals but the government's constitution. The CTU have no appetite for such constitutional reform. The last reason is that the opposition is against such idea and exploit the now growingly isolationists British public to give up their support to the Maximalists on the next election. The result was a compromise. The British would become part of the organisation, the Fourth International, however, they shall not join the political union, the USSR.


    As the Worker's Paradise ceased waving its red flag and stopped spilling both red and blue blood, the world wasn't stopping. Wars still happens around the globe. A complete opposite of what it was half a decade ago where Russia was burning and the rest of the world was just watching and resting. USSR seems like a step forward, a step to abandon nationalism and foster cooperation between true and orthodox Socialist states, to promote peace and prosperity, and as the French Revolutionaries said “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” yet despite all these the Worker's Paradise is still not safe. The brave watchmen of the people must keep a sharp eye on the world.

    What's happening outside the USSR:

    Throughout the late 1941 and to mid 1942. The French and the Dutch have clashed against each other with skirmishes throughout the border. Fuelled by the East Timor issue. The Syndie-Dutch border became a no-mans land. It is only a matter of time until a full war sparks.

    A skirmish in the Dutch-French border.

    The Swiss breathe easily as the two Red blocs, one part is because of tradition and the other is to deny the traditionally neutral country from each other. The Soviets guaranteed the independence of Switzerland and the Syndicalists did too. The Swiss won for as long as the balance of power remains.

    Switzerland. Neutral as always.

    The Reactionary Ireland was a tempting target for the British with the war closing down in Europe. With the Pope seeking refuge in Ireland, the island became irresistible for them. The CTU have ordered the preparations to being ready for the liberation of the island.

    British troops assembling to cross the Irish Sea.

    In Singapore, the prince, who stayed in the fortress while his father went to China, was crowned as the new Emperor of Germany, vowing that they shall return to their Fatherland.

    The new German Kaiser. Kaiser Wilhelm III

    Hawaii was finally invaded by the Americans in 1942. The invasion was terribly delayed due to the destruction of the naval bases in the west coasts, making it inhospitable to the mighty US Navy. The United States of America is now fully unified.

    US troops raising the flag in Hawaii. This picture became an icon for it symbolises the reunification of the United States of America, bar Alaska.

    Centroamerica, after years of fruitless war against Honduras, have made peace with each other returning to the status quo. The claims weren't dropped. The Centroamericans would like to try their chances again soo enough.

    Red: Centroamerica. Teal: Honduras. Dark Red: United Provinces

    The war between the two Far Eastern Giants is still in its early phase but several clashes were already occurred between the two. Whoever wins in this epic battle, would be the supreme power of the Far East.

    The battle between the Rising Sun and the Dragon has just begun.

    The Socialists in India and Burma were pushed back into a corner but they are still resisting and keeping themselves from being overrun. Tensions are now mounting on Bengal and the Princely states.

    In South America, the war for the supremacy of the continent between Brazil and the Peru-Bolivian confederation continues.

    The Reactionary French tries to survive being under attack on all sides since its neighbour are all Reds. Now that the Communards hands are free. The reactionaries now expect for the worse.

    End of Chapter

    End of Part 1



    In case you're wondering, I military control my allies. The AI is just beyond dumb that they still haven't defeated the North Italians and the Carlists. I have to do the bloody work! I hope it's because of HOI2 AI, and hoping it'll be better on DH (No, I haven't played DH KR for a long session so I couldn't judge it.)

    So, that's it. The end of Part 1. I'm gonna put this AAR on hiatus for a while because I want to fast forward to the future (gameplay wise , I'm not the Doctor). I don't want to bore you guys on peacetime stuffs. I'll also make a rule of not building more land/air units during peacetime (the navy was pathetic so there's my excuse), if I'm wasting IC then let them be wasted. There will be a brief summary of the events that happened from this update to the start of Part 2. It gets really boring now so I want to shape the world into something interesting and I hope I could shape it and make it interesting, like making a super China/Japan after the 2nd Sino-Japanese War, for example, or a powerful Brazil, I don't know. But the AI is just frustrating. I hope Part 2 would be great.

    I'll also put the game on Very Hard (or Very Emu) if you guys want to.

    Alright. See ya!
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    Hiatus? Noooooo.

    Looking forward to the next part, whenever that is.
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    A united East Asia might be a nightmare to deal with, especially if the USSR has to deal with those pesky Syndicalists to the west.

    Have a nice rest!

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    cool story bro
    no, seriously
    cool story

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    Switzerland, neutral in ALL the parallel universes.

    I'll be waiting for this new act, take your time if you need to.

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    Really nice, mayorqw.

    Sorry, couldn't update. Still busy.

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    Good news, everyone!!! This AAR will be restarting soon! I'll start playing on the game and write the introduction chapter for Part 2.

    Added Mayorqw's image on the OP.

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    URAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! i hope for the final showdown for peace and unity for humanity!

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