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Thread: Immortal, Impotent Leaders and Dead Babies Everywhere

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    Immortal, Impotent Leaders and Dead Babies Everywhere

    I've had this problem persist when playing as Vijyanagar and Joseon, whenever I get the "Silent Spring" event, and select the first option, I recieve an heir, and the next day he/she dies immediately.

    I also have had my Joseon emperor inaugurated upon starting the Extra Natives scenario, and played until 1497 with no leader death event. Unfourtunately I don't have the screenshot of that exact year since the game crashed and I forgot to save. But I do have the Joseon screenshot here with the leader still being alive at 1487. Both leaders in both games have started with heirs, but they die within 20 years or so, with no new heir being born through usual means. As of such, I am unable to form Royal Marriages.

    Is this a bug of some sort? I almost feel like I need to start a Pretender revolt in my own country in order to receive a new leader.

    I have the 4.0b game under Steam, and the 4.1 version of Whole World. Thanks in advance to any who reply.
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