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Thread: Come on Really?

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    Angry Come on Really?

    Ok this is a short post that really pissed me off about this game.

    I have a tank Platoon ok and one of my t-34s as soon as im done deployment enemy is not even in sight they just abandon a tank OK out of to were and the tank is fine it didnt even ge to move and i cant even recrew it.

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    This could be that the tank maybe was damaged in a previous battle, so possibly has had no time to repair. When you re-arm and replenish your forces after each series of battles, in the tank platoon page it should tell you how long a damaged tank needs to be repaired, and you click on it to repair; maybe several hours long.

    What is cool though is that if you loose a track during combat, the crew will get out and repair it. So neat.

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    this has happened to me numerous times. I often overlook the vehicle needing or under repair and the crew bails immediately. I just use them as infantry or place holders near a flagged positions.

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