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Thread: History of the White Eagle II

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    History of the White Eagle II


    Some of you may remember my old Polish AAR, later ported to EU3. I`ve decided to start again, with similar style (fast-paced 'history book', with roleplaying and lot of graphics). My English and graphical skills improved a bit, so hopefully it would be better fun to read.

    I`m using Deus Vult with latest patch, DVIP, BOPACK, and Mappa Regnum.

    First few updates will recap history of Poland prior to game start date.
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    Slavic people migrated into the area stretching from Elbe to Vistula rivers between 5th and 7th centuries, replacing Germanic peoples who moved further west under pressure of Huns. This was a part of much larger migration pattern, and at the same time other proto-Slavic people expanded from ancient homelands around Dnieper river to the South, North and East. While at that time Slavs remained to be linguistically and culturally coherent group, these migrations led to later division into Western, Southern and Eastern Slavs.

    Major West-Slavic Tribes in 9th-10th centuries.

    Initially, Western Slavic people consisted of countless small clans of farmers, or hunters, living in tiny hamlets, scattered around vast territory. There was no central authority, except for times of war when most skilled or charismatic chiefs were chosen to led bands of warriors into battle. This began to change around 8th century, with formation of first tribes, encompassing larger territories and number of people. Alongside process of slow political consolidation, Slavic tribes began to build large numbers of fortified settlements called gorods.

    Early slavic gorod.

    These processes led to creation of first Slavic states, especially in areas bordering Carolingian Empire. Most powerful of these was Great Moravia (846-902), which emerged after destruction of Avar Kaganate, and included at the furthest extent of its borders - lands of Moravians, Slovaks, Czechs, Sorbs, Silesians, Vistulans, as well as Panonian plain.

    At that time, in area of Warta river to the north of Great Moravian borders, chiefs of tribe of Polans established hereditary rule over small state, centered around gorods of Gniezno, Poznań and Giecz. In late 9th century, these descendants of semi-legendary Piast managed to conquer neighbouring tribes of Goplans and Kuyavians.

    Slavic tribal warriors.

    Great Moravia collapsed in early 10th century with invasion of Magyars into the Carpathians and Pannonian Plain. This event changed political configuration, leading to Christianised Bohemia under Premyslid dynasty being strongest state in the region. At the same time, Eastern Franks began incursions into the lands of Polabian Slavs, forcing them to pay tribute, and eventually establishing Eastern March.

    Duke of Polans Siemomysł Piast, who ruled in that period, also saw to expand his borders. He managed to conquer Masovia, and subjugate smaller tribes of Leczyczans, Sieradzans, and Lubuszans. It is very likely, that he employed small number of professional warriors, even during times of peace, who later led to development of Druzhyna.

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    Well well, it's been a long time, tm.
    I'm happy to see this started again, even if it's back to square one.
    I'm looking forward this second take. Good luck.

    Fan of the week 12/06/10, Thanks trekaddict!

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    YES! This is wonderful news... it's going to be terrific. I don't know if you know, but your original Poland AAR helped inspire me to join AARland in the first place.

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    I like it; a history book style AAR is always welcome here. Never saw your first version of the AAR, but this looks very good.

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    If the place is comfy to sleep in, yes, you can find me there!
    I will NEVER get tired of your maps, man! In fact, I think your maps got better since the 1st version.

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    Doing it again? Just means I have a chance to catch this from the top.

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    It's being redun?

    It's being redun? Well, at least I can be able to follow it around this time. I wonder what would happen if you decided to push west into the Holy Roman Empire instead of pushing east into Russia and Lithuania this time.

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    Wonderful graphics and style. I'll continue watching you.
    I've never upgraded CK to DV, but seeing the clean maps I'm envying you ...
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    It's awesome to see this back! Saw the previews on AH.COM and caught up on White Eagle I a few weeks back - I can only expect greatness from this.

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    I have always been awed by your graphics. Welcome back! I'm glad I'm on the ground floor of this ride!
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    Utterly lovely. That image of Siemomsyl makes me grin.

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    Amazing images. I'll be following.
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    Nice to see you back here TM. I won't comment all too often but do expect me to be a lurker/reader .
    Could/might/should have, for hell's sake.

    Come, see my InkWell library, containing all AARs I've written or participated in.

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    Great. I missed commenting on this the first time around, so this is good.

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    Griffin.Gen - Long time indeed. Nice to have you on board.

    - Yes, I remember you and your AAR.

    SplendidTuesday, Zzzzz.., Rivus, Nekromans, AllmyJames, Emperor_krk, jmberry - Thank you

    Baldor Arbanus - Well, I have no clear strategy, and I can`t foretell how CK part will end. It`s all depending on random factor (like Mongols who crushed me in first version) and rolelaying of each monarch.

    Hastu Neon - Yes, but map I`m using is from Mappa Regnum mod, hence reconfigured provinces. In vanilla DV you get same map as in regular CK.

    General_BT - Thanks, I`ll try to catch up with your massive, epic AAR - though it would take some time.

    Milites - Welcome mate, again - catching up with your excellent EU3 stuff.

    phargle - Yep, it`s real fun putting these portraits together.

    New update will be ready in a few days. In the meantime - Have a good Christmas everybody.

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    This Is Madness!
    I must be very drunk to imagine stuff like this!

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    I just passed off because of the awesomeness! You're back! You're starting again! It's even better than before! I must be dreaming cause this is too good to be true!

    Ekhm. Now that I've calmed down I must say I'm unbelievably happy you've started again, even though it's back from the beginning. And to read a proper AAR (Poland and none of that African stuff ) of yours as it's being written is awesome enough to make up for abandoning the old one. I'm sure this one will be even better.
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    Enewald - Why, it`s still here . Thanks.

    Vesimir - Thank you, I hope not to disappoint.

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