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Thread: Beta account lost...

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    Beta account lost...

    ok i played dreamlords on beta in aeriagames.com my username there is deathwinded, email grimoart@yahoo.com, the character's name was Greyhorn, i have ingame screenshots of that character which i will send to whoever asks for em to further my proof of acctually playing in beta. someone mentioned that they have gotten an email with an activation code for the dl ressurection, i have gotten no such email if someone could please fix this for me it would be a lifesaver. my new character is Bushido night on email bushidojohnd@yahoo.com
    whichever email the activation code is sent to, doesent matter to me but mainly all i want is the trophy for being a part of beta.

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    Hi BushidoArt,

    The Aeria Games servers were taken down a very long time ago, they were never connected to our servers (Lockpick). That means we can't restore, nor view, any accounts created on Aeria Games. Also that beta was for Dreamlords: The Reawakening, not Dreamlords: Resurrection as the game you now can play is named.
    Robert Riedel
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    as a former Aeria games DL player, i would really like to see the old come back, but its been some 2 1/2 years since Dreamlords: the reawakening beta, but even so those of us that have played on aeria games server and migrated here did get mot of their old traits back, but since the release every trait was transferred into superior traits(tbh not really that helpful), but as far as i know those that were on aeria games server never got the beta medal here, and after some time the devs decided to remove the previous workers over eras

    so it is almost like having a complete reset, just those that were here before the closed-beta eras got something for their time

    another server shutdown as well and got migrated here but that was i think 3 eras after aeria come over(maybe more)

    but since its so close to the beginning of the newest version of this game i think just play, at this point its like starting over anyways... and like i said its like over 2 1/2 years ago that aeria had their beta (august of 2008 if i remember)
    I'm about the content, new content is always good, stay with the same stuff for years I might not stay around
    But Dreamlords is one of the exceptions, I've been playing since August 2008, even tho it repeats from time to time...
    i find myself playing it mostly all day, and now being a Mod makes it even harder to leave

    One of the current Mods on Dreamlords

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