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Thread: Victory or Death: A 1944 Germany AAR

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    Looking forward to it very much and good luck!

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    Wolfsschanze - 21 June 1944

    The past couple of weeks have been stressful on the Fuhrer. The Allies have landed at Normandy, and Field Marshal Heissmeyer and Field Marshal Lichel's plans have been to contain the British and American armies that have been pushing inland.

    The Fuhrer has decided that OB West has more than enough troops to deal with the the situation in Normandy so 15 Armee and a few corps in The Netherlands, Metz, and Denmark have been transferred to Armeegruppe Nord for participation in Operation North Star.

    Field Marshal Blaskowitz in the south of France has been ordered to Italy to commence Iron Hand with the goal of driving the Anglo-Americans down the length of the Italian boot and Sicily with the goal of evicting the Allies from Italy once and for all.

    Field Marshal Keitel came into the room today for the morning reports.
    "Mein Fuhrer, the general offensive on all fronts commenced on 20 June, and here are the results from the first day:

    -The Allies have been driven out of Mortain back to the Norman coast and our forces are maintaining great pressure on enemy lines. We have lost 92 out of 34,000 troops whereas the Allies have lost 331 out of 39,000 and are subsequently retreating towards the coast.

    -Our forces in the northern wing of the Eastern Front are awaiting reinforcements, and we suffered a setback in Krasnyj Luc. An entire Soviet corps attacked on of our divisions preemptively and caught us off guard. The result was our loss of 460 out of 9000 troops while the Soviets lost 163 out of 51,000. Retreat is orderly.

    -Operation Wolverine in Field Marshal Rommel's sector has started out magnificently and the Soviets have been caught completely by surprise. Intelligence tells us that many Soviet formations were packed and ready to start their own offensive operation when we attacked and are suffering very heavy losses in men and materiel. At Brody, 43,000 of our troops attacked 126,000 Soviet troops for the loss of 95 of our own and 894 enemy troops. At Torczyn, 69,000 of our troops attacked 102,000 enemy troops where we lost 533 to 1143 enemy. Truly heroic victories, Mein Fuhrer!"

    "As you know, Mein Fuhrer, we are outnumbered everywhere on the Eastern Front. Therefore, we must make up for this utilizing superior tactics and equipment upgrades. Ever since Herr Thomas passed away in a plane crash, Herr Schacht has been recalled and has unveiled our new economic plan for the Reich:"

    "Most of our resources are being directed towards supplies and reinforcements. Industry wise, we are building several U-Boat and Interceptor units. We cannot yet spare the manpower to build new ground units as we must focus our manpower pool on reinforcements to maintain pressure on the Russians."

    "Shall we review each sector, Mein Fuhrer?" asked Keitel.

    "Indeed, please continue Field Marshal." replied Hitler.

    "Here's Operation Dagger. Field Marshal von Witzleben is rushing reinforcements and allied Bulgarian troops into NE Romania to aid in the attack. For now, we are attacking in the directions of Odessa and Uman, and should evict the Reds once again from Romania."

    "Ahh, excellent news. No wonder why Marshal Antonescu was so eager to join our attack!" Hitler said half to himself. "Please continue, Herr Keitel."

    "Jawhol, Mein Fuhrer." said Keitel. "Here is Operation Wolverine. von Manstein has launched an assault in the general directions of Smolensk and Homyel, but has run into heavy resistance and the unforgiving Pripyat Marshes which make operations difficult. Field Marshal Rommel is attacking all along the bulge here."

    "There is a German Order waiting for Rommel in Kiev and for Manstein in Smolensk. Please pass that along. That bulge must be erased, Keitel. Please let our commanders know the extreme importance of this situation.."

    "Indeed, Mein Fuhrer replied Keitel. "And now on to North Star. Despite the setback at Krasnyj Luc, North Star is proceeding about as well as can be expected. The Finns are holding the line in Karelia and from Narva to Haradok, several minor skirmishes are being encountered but nothing major at this point until at least 15 Armee arrives."

    "Very well, as long as we aren't falling back, that's fine with me." said Hitler.

    "Of course, Mein Fuhrer."

    "Currently Field Marshal von Kluge is rushing troops from Norway to the Finland front, and I'll update you on details of Arctic Lightning as they come available, Mein Fuhrer."

    "Very well."

    "The Normandy situation is playing right into our hands. We have a great chance to encircle and destroy a large number of Allied troops!!"

    "I wonder how Herr Churchill will react to this. Hopefully this combined with our U Boot offensive will break their will once and for all!" an excited Hitler said.

    "Lastly, Mein Fuhrer, Field Marshal Blaskowitz is heading into Italy with his army group. I shall update you on his status and the Italian situation in next weeks meeting. That's all I have now, Mein Fuhrer. Heil Hitler!"

    At this point, Hitler got up and looked at the maps.

    "Perhaps we can win this war after all, Julius."

    Perhaps, Mein Fuhrer. Perhaps...

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    The war situation seems to be improving already. Wonder what would have happened in real life had Hitler given his fieldcommanders some slack... Perhaps in the summer of '44 it wouldn't have made a real difference anymore, but it just might have shifted the balance of forces sufficiently to impose a stalemate on the Russians or Western Allies. But in that case this forum wouldn't be in English, would it? It think all of western europe would by now surely be speaking German as their first language. Don't know I would have liked that too much...!

    Anyway, keep up the good work Herr Lutjens! Looking foreward to the next update.

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    I have always thought that the Allies are way too easy to push back into the sea in this scenario.
    Other than that: Great work! Keep it comin'!
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    1 July 1944 - Eagle's Nest

    "Good morning, Mein Fuhrer. Are you ready for today's reports?"

    "Yes, Herr Keitel, let's get to it."

    The Fuhrer has been nervously anticipating these developments for the past week.

    "Mein Fuhrer, our forces have completely upset the impending massive Soviet offensive which intelligence tells us was codenamed Bagration. All along the Eastern Front, gains have been made. There have been some small withdrawals, but that was expected."

    "von Witzelben is smashing headlong into the flank of the Red Army with success and is putting pressure on Odessa, which we estimate should fall in at least the next week or so. von Manstein is pushing between Homyel and Kiev and is maintaining great pressure on the Red lines in and around the Pripyat River area."

    "Rommel is eating away at the bulge and is advancing in the direction of Vinnytsia. However,this area is a heavy marshland so operational warfare is going to be limited."

    Keteil paused, apparently waiting for some response from the Fuhrer. The bespectacled Hitler motioned quickly to Keitel to continue.

    "In the north, Model has launched a pincer attack from Pskov and from Narva around Lake Preipus, and has had some initial success. He has also put down Partisan activity in coastal Latvia."

    "Ahh, Model! I can always count on him! He always seems to work wonders!" Hitler exclaimed.

    "Here is a map of the Eastern Front situation, Mein Fuhrer:"

    "Ahh, I see reinforcements pouring in from the west! The situation seems to be improving!"

    "Jawhol, Mein Fuhrer!. Next, we are moving on to the Arctic where von Kluge's Arctic Lightning is in its opening stages. Please take a look at this map:"

    "As you can see, Mein Fuhrer, the Finns are involved in heavy fighting in the Karelia region. Kluge's reinforcements are pouring in from Kirkenes and Petsamo and have launched heavy attacks to the south of Murmansk and are moving into Kandalksa. Arctic Lightning is the rebirth of Fox and Silver Fox that has been mired down since the start of Barbarossa."

    "Ahh, with Murmansk and the Kola peninsula out of the way, that should free us to once again renew pressure on Leningrad from the north!" Hitler said.

    "Indeed, Mein Fuhrer." Keitel said. "Next is Normandy!"

    "Mein Fuhrer, our brave armies under bold commanders Field Marshals Heissmeyer and Lichel, have cornered the Americans in Carentan. 200,000 British Commonwealth troops have been killed or captured, in addition to several senior commanders including Field Marshal Montgomery, and Generals Gale and Dempsey!"

    "The Battle of Carentan is nearing conclusion as the Americans are in a hopeless situation. We are hoping that this will lead to a separate peace in the west. Here is the situation currently:"

    "Did I not say, Herr Keitel, did I not say, that Fortress Europa was impenetrable?" a smiling Hitler asked.

    "Of course, Mein Fuhrer. Now on to Italy. Iron Hand is proceeding nicely. Field Marshal Blaskowitz is slicing along the coast to seize Rome! The Allied line is under immense pressure and is steadily falling back under heavy attack by Heeresgruppe G. Here's the situation:"

    "Ahh, I'm sure that Mussolini is looking forward to the Allied eviction of Italy and Sicily. The Allies must be thrown out of Europe once and for all!!" Hitler said, pounding his fist on the table.

    "Mein Fuhrer, I shall now turn over to Grand Admiral Donitz for the Battle of the Atlantic."

    "Very well"

    Donitz began: "Mein Fuhrer, here is the current situation:"

    "Our U-Boats are taking heavy tolls on Allied shipping in the past week. By comparison, we've lost 3-5 transports as opposed to the nearly 100 lost by the Allies. This is very good news!"

    "I'll say, Herr Donitz" Hitler replied "We shall choke out the Allies once and for all!"

    "Come gentlemen, shall we go for a walk on the balcony?"
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    Do you guys have any suggestions or any advice? Any way to rectify the manpower situation or will it keep declining?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Lutjens View Post
    Do you guys have any suggestions or any advice? Any way to rectify the manpower situation or will it keep declining?
    should have used the ICE mod, you can call up 16 year olds :P
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    Hey guys, do to me upgrading to 2.04b and the ICE mod, I've somehow lost my saved games.

    I plan on restarting this and will make a new thread!

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