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Thread: Anyway to make EU3 run slower?

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    Anyway to make EU3 run slower?

    I got a new computer recently and wanted to play some EU3. But, the highest speed is absurdly fast, to the point where I can't play it. And the speed below that is a bit too slow for my taste. Is there any way to reduce the fastest speed to something more reasonable?

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    Try right clicking the process in the task manager and set the CPU priority to low, or just run a hefty amount of CPU intensive programs in the background while playing.

    To clarify: the game speeds are hardcoded so there's no way to change them by editing the text files like you can with most other things. The speed depends on your hardware.

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    As pointed out: Hardcoded, little you can do to the game itself.

    You could just switch to lower speeds during high activity and switch to high speeds when things are simple. Method I use. Only possible negative is having to adjust to constant speeds in multiplayer but then any other solution would impose this cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabanese View Post
    ...You could just switch to lower speeds during high activity and switch to high speeds when things are simple. Method I use...
    Exactly what I do too. Slower speeds for me is if I am in a war where you need to keep an eye on enemy movements across different fronts, otherwise I play medium speed in an "easy" war, or high speed at most other times.
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    One way is to grab a mod. Most significant ones decrease speed somewhat unless they knock the number of nations down massively. Depending on your opinion of the vanilla gameplay, it can be a rather strong improvement.

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    Run 3d mark in the background and that will sort you out.
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    I just pause the game when I need to, (it's a strategy game after all).

    And then just run the quickest speed when I'm not pausing.
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