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Thread: Need Advice Please?

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    Need Advice Please?

    So i'm playing EU3 as Luneburg with the Death and Taxes mod. The year is 1419. (Start year was 1356) I've got 3 provinces, Luneburg, Stade, and Lauenburg. At almost the very beginning of the game (13 years after start, 1369) I got a PU with Bohemia (!!!), which at first was very exciting but just started being a drag after a while with them insulting me every time we went over 100 relations. Anyway, a little further into the game, I got into a large war and vassalized a whole bunch of my fellow Hannoverian states of North Germany. So by 1400, i've got Saxe-Lauenburg, Oldenburg, Brunswick, Munster (German Munster not the Irish one), and Anhalt as my vassals. In 1411 I annexed Saxe-Lauenburg. But thats besides the point. Its 1419, and I just inherited Bohemia. I know i'm in an incredubly good position right now but i'm feeling overwhelmed. Im used to my little three province minor state, and with all these big Bohemian provinces away from my capital suddenly mine, i'm not sure what to do with them. Should I re-release Bohemia as a vassal? Should I try to warmonger until Bohemia proper is connected to my capital? I'm just a bit overwhelmed, and need some advice. Thanks everyone.


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    With all the vassals you have, warmongering is your best bet. Vassalize all your conquests and annex them later for free cores.(Thus getting around the HRE laws) until your lands are connected. Then Stomp Austria until your the Emperor then wait until you get a tech lead and do the same with France...........for fun!

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    You don't get cores when you annex a vassal - just PU some stuff and bribe the electors, becoming HRE.

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