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Thread: Post-war mechanics?

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    Post-war mechanics?

    Should we expect to see some changes to an area that was, IMHO, majorly lacking in HOI2: Post-war gameplay? Is there any chance of seeing, for example, the AI releasing puppets and/or giving away provinces on its own and, most importantly, demilitarizing? Keeping 400 infantry divisions mobilized 20 years after a major war seemed like overkill, even for the Soviet Union

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    That will be answered in a Dev Diary soon

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    Ahh, I just spotted a tiny hint about this in the Wargamer interview; sounds pretty interesting, cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinBG View Post
    That will be answered in a Dev Diary soon
    Sweet. It's a must if the hottest part of the Cold War period is going to be implemented.

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