Age: 24

Preferred testing category: General Gameplay and bugs (specially in spanish translation)

Reason for choice above: Well i have already play almost all the paradox games, i love this games and when i new release is incoming i like to try and if i can help with my experience in strategic games.

Operating system Windows 7 64bit

Processor (brand/speed) i5 M430 2,27ghz

RAM Memory 4gb

Graphics Card Type Geforce GT 330M

Graphics Card Dedicated Memory 1gb

Spoken languages English / Spanish

Have you ever participated in a beta test before? yes

If you answered "Yes," which companies and what products have you tested? Legio

Please tell us what would make you an outstanding beta tester for this project. Well like i said normally i only play strategic games, i like this game in specially the WW1 and WW2 games, i tried a lot of games and almost all the paradox games. I will like to help in improve this game because i know a lot of history about the two world wars and i know i lot of strategic games gameplay and game balance.