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Thread: Paradox IRC chat!

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    stats updated...

    join us tomorrow for DW release partying and maybe answering any questions you might have about it!

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    Was over there earlier, and very politely was given a copy of HttT. Gotta visit more often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by King_Richard_XI View Post
    Was over there earlier, and very politely was given a copy of HttT. Gotta visit more often.

    had a good time today, helping out people with DW...lots of new faces were seen in there today!

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    stats updated!

    with the DW release, we´ve had over 60 more unique nicks in the last 1 1/1 days!

    And don´t forget...Dreamlords FAQ friday 16.30!

    and I have it on good authority that there´ll be new invited given out next monday...so show up at the FAQ to earn one...or if you can´t make it, post your questions here:

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    I can confirm that I will be giving out some invites at said time, and possibly 1 or two after the FAQ!
    *wiggles* AWWWWWWWW yeeeahhh I'm dowwnnn with the shiznits man, just ask mr popo what I'm on, *squeeks*

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    stats are updated:

    Our very first "offical" thing, the Dreamlords developer Q&A, was a very nice informative 90 minute session today. We had 2 Developers for Lockpick as well as 3 longterm players/moderators from their Dreamlords community over to answer questions and give some insight into the first MMO on paradox connect!
    A few lucky participants got beta keys to check out the game.

    Tomorrow interested parties will be able to read the whole log on the forums!

    Join us on IRC, who knows what the next session will be!

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    We have decided to move to a more neutral channel, #pdox (paradox is taken).

    Please join #pdox on Quakenet from now on!

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    new stats!
    I included the ones from before the move to #pdox as well


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    When are the moderators coming back to the channel? The IRC channel has been unmoderated for weeks.
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    yes, yes i´m there

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